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  1. I was wondering if anyone was using this computer software and what you thougt about it.
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  3. by   Cmyst
    Quote from CardioTrans
    I was wondering if anyone was using this computer software and what you thougt about it.
    No, but could you give us some info on it? I'm interested in programs specific to home health that I can get for my PDA, but even a desktop software program would be interesting. Is this software for an entire agency, or is it for the practioner? Is there a web page that we can look at it?
  4. by   CardioTrans
    It is a program that my agency is looking at. It is run on PDAs, and information can be transmitted via cell phone. It is suppose to have its own internal audit tool on it when doing OASIS, as well as a built in Chapter 8 of the OASIS manual. I only know of one other company here that uses it (I have a friend who works there) and she hates it. Was just wondering if anyone else used it. I know that it is used in Tx and Fl. but thats all that I know of.

    Heres a link to the site with a small amt of info on it.

  5. by   CardioTrans
    heres the site directly to the company.

  6. by   Cmyst
    Quote from CardioTrans
    heres the site directly to the company.

    Thanks for the info. Their site makes a lot of promises, but doesn't have a demo of the product. Why does your friend dislike it? Is it because of the application itself, or does she feel uncomfortable with PDAs in general? Or, does her agency require her to use this program and conventional paperwork and it's double documentation?

    Computers can solve a lot of problems, and it's frustrating that they aren't used more extensively in health care. I read an article recently that said that health care was rare in the modern world for continuing to rely on paper documentation. Since paperwork is the overwhelming reason that most of the nurses on this board are saying HHC is struggling to attract and keep field staff now, and since the advent of PDAs that are really hand held computers with a price much less than a laptop, you'd think they'd be utilized a LOT more.
  7. by   CardioTrans
    She just doesnt like the program. I have seen a demo of it when they were marketing it to our company. It has TONS of potential. One person that "played" with the Ipac hasnt done hands on care since OASIS came out....... she completed a "test" admission in less than an hr. All with the help of the program. Imagine how simple it will make the lives of the ones that do admissions on a daily basis! I think one thing my friend is having problems with is the fact that they only got to pilot the program on 3 test patients, then went live. The person who wrote the program to the specifics of her company doesnt sound like he did a good job. There are time limits that can be set on it........ say if you do a visit note, and the time limit is 24 hrs..... if you havent transmitted the info back to the office in that time frame, it will show up on the supv desktop with an "incomplete status"....... no further visits can be scheduled until you have your info transmitted............. The time limits are set by the individual company. She hates that aspect of it because for some reason her time limits are 45 min. She is constantly having things pop up that are incomplete because the nurses are not transmitting. But who realistically will be finished in a home if the visit takes 2 hrs....much less transmitted in 45 min. I think her problems come from the limits that they have placed on themselves and not the program......... she just doesnt want to admit that to herself.
  8. by   MaryCW
    Howdy! My agency is switching to HCHB on August 1st and I can't wait! We currently use McKession software for our laptops and there are many, many problems with it. We will be using HCHB with PDAs and from the previews I have seen, it looks great! There are so many checks and audits built into this system- for example after you have completed the admit OASIS information for the 485 pulls from it and the 485 is basically done for you. The system also basically creates the 486/60 day summary for you also as well as prompting you to enter any orders as needed. The wireless aspect of it is great also as information can be transmitted immediately from patient's homes or clinician's vehicles and visits billed much faster. We are going with the PDA devices that also are used as cell phones and have digital cameras built in- great for taking wound pictues and sending to MDs! I look forward to this new system- we've used McKession and laptops for 6-7 years and have experienced many frustrations with that system.

  9. by   DtwSailor12
    Home Care Home Base is just one option for mobile collection and analysis of data. Besides their website, I would look at the Home Care Informational Technology Council website that has links for other vendors as well. In the past I know that Homebase is designed to work with an agency that has a census of over 500 to maximize ROI. If you are a smaller agency, then there are other options that are available, that may fit within your budget. If you are interested, please contact me off the list.
  10. by   lossforimagination
    Thumbs Up for HCHB! I briefly worked doing strictly quality assurance at an agency who used HCHB. I found the database easy to use. The field nurses were all new (the agency had rather frequent high turnover of staff .....not due to HCHB, but due to wierdo owners) and the new nurses were able to catch on and use HCHB quickly and easily.

    This is in comparison to another program out there called Road Notes. I worked where they used Road Notes and I think it's horrible. It's overly complicated and very user unfriendly. The agency fully expected new staff to need 3 months to learn it..... Unfortunately, they didn't make provisions for the fact that you're trying to learn to chart with RoadNotes but still have a full load of patients and 25-30 clients to case manage. This required overtime to get the charting done, but of course they didn't want any of that. You'll pull your hair out trying to learn Roadnotes!
  11. by   jenrninmi
    No, we use Horizons.
  12. by   KateRN1
    Any updates on this product? Our agency is considering switching and I have concerns about the use of PDAs. How is narrative documentation completed? Can one write witha stylus as with a traditional PDA or does it have a qwerty keyboard like a Blackberry?
  13. by   Timetochange08
    Love, love, love home care home base. I have been using it for about a year now and have nothing but good things to say. I use the stylus for having my patients sign my PDA and checking boxes and things but yes, it does write as well. I find I don't need to write anything, just check the boxes on the oasis that are appropriate. I like that I can see a calender of visits, what disciplines are involved, when they are seeing the patient, current orders, meds, everything! Our office has no problems with this software!
  14. by   twokidsmom,rn
    That sounds so great it is so hard to see 9-10 pts and do paperwork by hand. I have to write in front of them and I hate having to do that. It would be so nice to have a PDA and click on boxes and putting next visit right there.