Hi tech vs low tech visits and pay for LPN

  1. Alrighty, I got hired on with an agency BUT I don't know how to tell if I'm getting ripped off with my pay. I live in FL and the pay here is ridiculous.

    I was told per visit, as a LPN, I'll make $25-30/hr (I can't wait to be an RN). Anyway, how long do "low" tech visits take compared to "high" tech? If I can get in 6 pt's a day, then I'm good.

    Also, I asked about shift work and they said it depends on the hours and days and would avg 16/hr. I make $21/hr at a LTC facility now working nights and I'm afraid of the pay cut.

    I DON'T get paid for mileage and they sound very skeptical over how many vists they have available- I'm thinking they don't have enough visits for me to be full time and that's not cool.

    I'm giving this company a shot because they are giving me a shot. I want to see if I like home health before getting into another company that specializes in HH. The other one I called wants me to pay for my background check- is this normal? I don't think I should be paying an employer anything to get hired on :-/
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  3. by   DutchgirlRN
    Quote from crazyflbean
    i was told per visit, as a lpn, i'll make $25-30/hr (i can't wait to be an rn). anyway, how long do "low" tech visits take compared to "high" tech? if i can get in 6 pt's a day, then i'm good.

    the other one i called wants me to pay for my background check- is this normal? i don't think i should be paying an employer anything to get hired on :-/
    $25-30/hr sounds good if that's what you end up making. when working per visit you don't get paid for gas, travel time or charting time.

    i definately don't agree with an employee paying for a background check. if their that cheap i don't think i'd want to work for them.
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    Oh let me clarify my typo.. it's $25-30 a visit NOT per hour.. I didn't catch that when I originally posted!
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    Quote from crazyflbean
    oh let me clarify my typo.. it's $25-30 a visit not per hour.. i didn't catch that when i originally posted!
    well that's a whole new ball of wax. i don't like per visit. some say it works to their advantage especially lpn's because they don't do admits, recerts, resumps, and discharges which are more time consuming in time of visit and in time of charting.

    what you have to be very careful about is that they don't send you from one end of the county to the other.

    i.e. i got $60 for an eval visit. the visit was a 90 minutes drive from here so there's 3 hours, the visit took an 1 hour. the charting took 1 hour.
    i figured gas at $20 round trip. so i ended up making $8.00 an hour.

    you take a local quick visit @ $35.00 30 minutes driving, 20 minutes charting, 30 minute visit, not figuring gas (brain tired right now) $28.00 an hour. so be very careful and make it clear where you will and will not go for the amount of money they are offering. i did manage to get an additional $25.00 for each 25 miles that i went over the first 25 miles. they'll cheat you if they can. be careful!
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    We have all new employees pay for their own criminal background check and if it comes back ok, then they get reimbursed for the expence.
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    I have to agree that you have to be careful, especially with the cost of gas. I just started with a home health agency as an LPN. I make $23-27 per hour and I wouldn't have it any other way. I am per diem but the pay is the same for full time and part time people as well. I can fill in or pick up a long term case so it works out well for me. Anyway, if you have a feeling something isn't right then you may want to seriously consider following that feeling.
  8. by   caliotter3
    In order to get in 6 patient visits per day, the staffing coordinator or case manager has to make available to you that many cases to work on. If that doesn't happen, or the equivalent for shift work, then you can't make it working for one agency. Therefore it is wise to spend time trying to cultivate a positive work relationship with the individual(s) that are responsible for scheduling your cases. Many people only work in home health on the side in addition to their regular jobs. That is how they make certain that they have enough work and income for the week and month. It is no fun being signed up with an agency and rarely getting called for work, or having to make a nuisance out of yourself with the agency by constantly calling them and begging for work. If you don't like the "feel" that you've developed so far, then don't go with that agency. Try another one first. Hope you find a good position and like the work.
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    Where in Florida are you? I am considering HH too and I am in Tampa Bay. Just curious. D