Can someone explain OASIS to me? Simply what does it mean?

  1. I have finished 3 days orientation in home health and so far I'm loving it. The freedom is wonderful after being couped up in the hospital for 12 hours at a time without a break.

    I keep hearing the term "OASIS" what is it and how does it apply to a HH nurse? Thanks!
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  3. by   mebeafrn
    OASIS-data set related to functional assesment and the Medicare reimbursment-at least in Nebraska- is tied to it. The lower the pt. functionality is the highter the reimbursment PPO but the higher the resource utlization(sp?) ie higher SCFO higher PPO payment to the agency-BUT-the more SN/PT/OT/HHA care they need-
  4. by   DutchgirlRN
    Oh, simply please !
  5. by   CardioTrans
    OASIS is the larger information set that you collect on admission of a patient. You also do it on Recert, DC, or transfer to the hospital.

    There are questions on this assessment that are called MOO questions. These MOO questions are related to the CFS score. C is clinical (for the nurse), F is for functional (the home health aide), the S is service (for the physical, speech or occupational therapist). How the questions are answered by the nurse determines how much money the company is reimbursed for taking care of the patient for 60 days. Medicare placed these requirements on home care agencies in 1997.

    These questions also help the agency determine how well of a job that the company has done. They compare the score on admission, to the score on discharge, especially in the functional area. For example: one of the questions is can the patient shower independently, need someone for stand by assist only, need to be bathed in a chair, or totally by bed bath. The admission says "only in chair"............ then at DC its marked "able to shower independently" then your pt condition improved.

    I have heard that soon Medicare will be reimbursing on the basis of outcomes..... not on what is determined on admission but at discharge. So its beneficial for the agency to improve the patient condition.

    OASIS takes a long time to learn and know how to answer, so dont give up. You will learn it as time goes. But just keep in mind that once you learn it..... Medicare will change it again!

    Our CEO told us one time that OASIS meant "Our Attempt to Systematically Inflict Suffering". Once you learn OASIS you will know what he meant ! :wink2:

    Hope this helps!!!!
  6. by   CardioTrans
    I neglected to also say that OASIS is also done on post hospital.

    You can go to and go to professionals, then home health agencies and find tons of information regarding OASIS.
  7. by   DutchgirlRN
    Thanks so much for the info and for taking :1luvu: the time to post it. I now understand what it is and have a base from which to begining learning it so that it can be changed once I'm successful ! I 've heard things like this about HH ever since I can remember. Thank you again for your help.
  8. by   CardioTrans
    You are so very welcome!
  9. by   nursesearl
    O-outcome, AS-assessment, I-information, S-set
  10. by   DutchgirlRN
    Quote from lsearl
    O-outcome, AS-assessment, I-information, S-set
    Thank you I had no idea what it "actually" meant. That's a big help too. Thanks for replying.
  11. by   homesrus
    There is also a web based training program for it and a book called OASIS in Detail-a Clinicians pocket guide. They may help cut through that OASIS fog!
  12. by   pmsrn76
    Understanding it and getting it right, especially the ICD9 coding part and the MO questions that govern payment, is crucial for reimbursement. The CMS website can be very helpful, as can someone in your agency who knows the ins and outs and can help guide you. It takes time to understand it--it doesn't happen overnight.
  13. by   mamaellis2many
    would someone please tell me where I can take a course on Oasis
  14. by   greeneyesrachelrn
    Hi! I know you are going to love HH! OASIS is the acronym for the Outcome ASssessment Information data Set which is a document designed through rigorous research and analysis to measure changes in a patient's outcomes and risk factors between two or more points. Data items address socioeconomic, environmental, support system, health status, functional status, and health service utilization measured at the start of care, 60 day follow-ups, discharge, resumptions after inpatient stay, significant changes in condition, and transfers. The information obtained provides agencies information for quality improvement and as the information is posted online and compared with national data it also provides potential patients with information to make an informed decision on the quality of providers. The performance of the agency determines the CMS payment rate as agencies unable to meet quality standards receive a lower percentage payment on Medicare reimbursement.
    I hope this helps explain Oasis. It is really just a data collection method to measure patient changes in function, clinical, therapy utilization, and early or late episode (60 day period of services).