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  1. by   lpnprn
    hello every one, i have been an lpn for 7 yrs now and did mainly lthc and subacute hospitals(step down from hospitals is what most call them). last june i started hh as an independant nurse which i love, the setting is more relaxed than a nursing home or hospital, i guess fast paced is not for me. i am currently in the adn program because i plan on relocating to ga at the end of 2007 when im done with the program. wisconsin pays pretty well for independant nurses. 21.47 for lpns and 32.48 for rn/case manager and rts. but that is per hour, we dont have per visist unless you are with an agency and the pay would be lower. from what i found out so far ga pays 55 per visit for lpns and 65 for rns but they dont have a per hour scale unless your with an agency. well if any one has any feed back on ga home care plz reply via pm/email.
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  2. by   drwatson
    I'm an RN and a Home Health Nurse. After being a hospital based nurse for 15 grueling years, I switched over. I have truly just started learning what nursing is now. I now know my patients! We discuss their multiple diagnoses and explore different options. I hook them up with local resourses! The hours are totally flexible, and the patient's are so appreciative. Pet peeves: the OASIS novel, driving, smoke filled homes. No job is perfect, but HH is close. i work for 2 different HHA's and it's so interesting to see their different management styles.
  3. by   kyfla
    drwatson, do you get paid milage? I work for 2 different HH. one is Hospital based the other is agency. the hosp pays milage but the agency doesn't; the agency pays more per visit but not enough.
  4. by   kyfla
    Tonight it is cold in Florida and going down to 30 tonight! Nikkinu, do you work HH in Ky?
  5. by   drwatson
    With one HHA I get paid a whopping $1 in travel per visit. The other agency, no money for travel unless it's far away. However, I am PRN; i know if you are FT, some places will give you a car.
  6. by   kyfla
    :chuckle I wouldn't work full time anywhere for a car!
  7. by   kyfla
    Quote from kyfla
    :chuckle I wouldn't work full time anywhere for a car!
    not even a real pretty car
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  9. by   NrsJena
    Hello all. I've been an LPN for three years. Previously worked in LTC/SNF- been in HH for a little over a year now. I do skilled visits exclusively. Have tried the Agency thing- loved the hospital, hated the BS and politics. I love the freedom and self scheduling of HH.
  10. by   flasandy42
    Quote from theleader
    pps took a toll on my agency. thank god the staff saw what was coming and graciously found other jobs before i had to lay them off. my patients and staff are the most important things to me. i really can't describe my feelings for home health. oasis has been a real pain but we hang on just so we can keep clients out of nursing homes and hospitals.
    ok....i'm new here and have only been doing hh for five months, what is pps and oasis?

  11. by   RNKITTY04
    Hello, I have been a RN since 2004 and recently (NOV) started work in HH.
    I am still working at the hospital so juggling both jobs has been a challange, but the pay has been great.
    I like the flexibility of HH but the paperwork is insane. Not sure where my nitch is yet but do agree with other posters that by getting out of the structured setting of the hospital was good for me in that I have no back up, and have developed new skills and self confidence I probaly would not have gotten at the hospital. ie... wound vacs etc....... All in all its been interesting.
  12. by   jnette
    Count me in as on of the family !

    Just completed my first week out on my own in HH. Loving every minute of it! A true breath of fresh air! Love the autonomy, the freedom, the solitude once out on the road... love my patients who are genuinely grateful to have a nurse come by. There is such a NEED out there...and I feel honoured to be able to meet that need.

    Love being able to stop here and there and run an errand if I need to, not having a "fixed" schedule of lunch or potty times .... can even pack a pic-nic lunch and sit by the creek or river enroute to my next visit if I choose. Can drink my coffee, listen to my music, enjoy the scenery all around me as I drive leisurely through the country side... and above all, love not having the rush, the stress, the chaos, and the CONFINEMENT of hospital or dialysis unit nursing.

    We do the 485's on admission, and the 486's, but those are the only OASIS we field nurses do. Plan of care, ICD9 coding, and case management are all done in the agency by the administrative staff. Woohooooooo !!!

    We aren't all swamped with admissions each day, either.. they are evenly divided amongst us. We might get one admission, and the rest regular visits.. and the admits are triple pay. Or we might get a post hospital and a follow-up, plus 2 or three regular visits. Some days there are no admissions at all. (I have yet to do an admission, as I'm still VERY new.)

    Our paperwork, too, is minimal... thank goodness.

    So far, I'm absolutely LOVING it. Should have done this a long, long time ago. I consider it a PRIVILEGE, not a "job".

    Now THAT is a GOOD feeling!!!
  13. by   Blessings2u
    Hi! I have been in home health for 12 years and I love it! It's not for everyone, but I love the flexibility that I have, plus the additional quality time I have to spend with my patients. It has truly been the best area in the nursing field for me.