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Hi, as a newly appointed moderator, I want to live this forum up a bit. I just resigned my position as a HH supervisor, to go back to the field. I have been a nurse 20 years, 17 in critical care,... Read More

  1. by   nursesearl
    Josie K,

    Did you ever watch MASH on TV with Major Margaret Hoolahan? She was a nurse.
  2. by   Josie K
    Never watch Nurse/med/hosp programmes. Each reality day is enough!!!!
  3. by   nursesearl
    MASH is not really reality. It's an old movie turned TV series based on the Korean war. Very funny. Lynn
  4. by   NRSKarenRN
    The ONLY insurance with a homebound requirement is Medicare.

    Remember, a post surgical patient is always considered homebound until the surgeon grants permission to drive.
  5. by   Shutter
    Hi! I'm an LPN in HHC. Been in this line of work for 6 years now and I love it! I'm currnetly part of the wound care team for our VNA here in S.W. Indiana. Much better than the other agency I worked for where LPNs were used as overquailified aides.

    I tried working in a hospital and a dialysis unit, but have found this work the most rewarding by far.
  6. by   renerian
    Actually Karen the insurance company my hubby has requires it to. So did Family Health Plan in NW Ohio.

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  7. by   gcs
    I am wierd. I graduated from a minn LPN class in 1991 Was immediatly made administrator of a Medicade (PCA)Home health agency. we grew from 30 hours of care per day to 450 per day in 5 years. I did every job (except the RN's )from pca hands on care to payroll. company was sold in 1997 and I left. The bad side... I never took boards for lpn so now iI am in texas trying to see if a refresher course will allow me to take the licence exam. all home health people are underpaid but get good experiance gcs
  8. by   renerian
    Well I was embarrased to post this but I am back in the home health jobs after finding out what a mess LTC is and the hopital snaffoo. Glad to be back.

  9. by   Brita01
    Originally posted by renerian
    Well I was embarrased to post this but I am back in the home health jobs after finding out what a mess LTC is and the hopital snaffoo. Glad to be back.


    Don't be embarrased. The places for nurses to work where we can actually enjoy our jobs are getting fewer and fewer, aren't they? Luckily I have a great private duty job for now. Unfortunately, still have to go to the hospital once a week.
  10. by   renerian
    Thanks Brita. I am glad to be back in home health. renerian
  11. by   crystalrose
    wanted to just put my 2 cents in I have been a home health nurse for about 6 years I love it my first four years as a nurse were in LTC I hate it and was going to find something else to do with my life HH hasn't always been a bed of roses but for the last 3 years I have worked with some wonderful supervisors that understand when I say I am burnt out and I need time off I mean it. Well that is my 2 cents for now:chuckle

  12. by   HomeNurse4kids
    Hello everyone

    This is my first posting since recently joining the site. I worked as a CNA in LTC for 4 years and decided to become a nurse. I started with pediatric home health agency (shift work) straight out of Lpn school 5 years ago. It has been an incredibly rewarding, yet sometimes emotionally and physically draining, experience. I do enjoy working 1 on 1 with the patients, however, sometimes I wish I had gotten some med/surg experience prior to this type of nursing. In some ways I feel I've limited myself with a narrow knowlege base. Right now there are plenty of agencies in the area, but if something changed and they all closed up shop, I'd be in the hopper. I guess that's what lead me here to this site. Not only to learn from other nurses and find CE info, but for the support system that we, as nurses, share

    I look forward to meeting you all.
  13. by   hoolahan
    Welcome to the forum Crystalrose and HomeNurse4kifds.

    Home nurse, don't despair, you could learn how to do adults in home health with a little metoring.