Am I that dumb? I need help with Coag machine.

  1. I have been in home health approx. 6 weeks. I was sent out to a pt. house last week to draw a pro time using the coag machine. I could not get a reading. The machine kept saying error. The nurse that oriented me had told me that the blood had to be right directly on the strip where the hole is on the strip. The one I done with the other nurse watching me, I did fine on. I feel so dumb! Can anyone give me some pointers? It would greatly be appreciated.
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  3. by   RNLifesaver
    I have to laugh. I am sorry. The fact of the matter is, those machines are SO picky!!! We always had trouble with that damn machine in the Long Term Care facility I had worked at.
  4. by   nurseforever30
    I guess it is kind of funny now but it was not too funny while I was at the patient's house and couldn't get it to work and had to call the doctor to see if we could send another nurse out or wait until patient comes in for her appointment next week to check protime. It was actually very frustrating and a real confidence let down.
  5. by   cookie102
    those machines can be so sensitive!!! i have learned that if the patient is on dialysis you will not get a correct reading (we use INRatio) something to do with the heparin they use in diaysis. also make sure you have a "big" drop of blood, bigger than what you think you need, keep the machine on a flat surface (don't move it at all)...let's invent one that only needs as much blood as a glucometer!!
  6. by   gauge14iv
    There is a video available for the Coagucheck-S. Some good pointers on that.
  7. by   nurseforever30
    Anyone else have any suggestions? i have to go do another pro time using the machine tomorrow.
  8. by   gauge14iv
    Oh - btw - I spoke with the supply rep yesterday who informed me there is a problem with a batch of strips, you may have a bad batch so you might contact your supplier or the manufacturer to check that out.
  9. by   DutchgirlRN
    You need a big drop of blood. The blood has to run up into the strip and if there's not enough it will read "error". If you have a small drop of blood you can hold the finger there and add several more drips consecutively if you do it very quickly.
  10. by   pamc217
    Hi there,
    Funny that just happened to me yesterday, my first time using the hemasence machine, I couldnt get enough blood, and kept getting error messages. I had to go back and do it today, I called again and told the pt to put a warm face cloth on her fingers. It worked better, and was able to get it, you really need a good big drop. Well I have to do it again tuesday wish me luck.