Accepted HH position but have heard nothing back..should I be concerned?

  1. I accepted a HH position a few weeks ago, went in and completed the new hire paperwork and background check information. It's been over a week now and I have heard NOTHING from anyone - and no response - as yet - to my inquiry as to where things stand (left a message and sent email). I am not overly concerned as the manger did say it would take a few days to get everything in the system and the background check returned. I have NO concerns about the background. Just don't understand why I've not heard anything - even to my checking on where I'm at in the process. Once I accepted this position I turned another place down and canceled interviews at 2 other places so I really, really hope I am not in a position where they employer has changed their minds or decided to delay the job. I am was already concerned about going to the particular agency but have to work and nothing panned out until after I accepted this position so I was going to give it a fair shake. Does it normally take a week or more to get thins in place at a hh agency for a new hire?
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  3. by   KateRN1
    If you had to complete a level 2 background screen, and/or drug test then it can take quite a while, but you should still have a return to your phone call. In my experience, this does not bode well for how they treat you as an employee.

    I had this happen once, too. I accepted a PRN position, had filled out all paperwork, etc., then emailed the DON to ask when I would be starting, left 2 (i think) phone messages. After not hearing from her for over a week, I went ahead and accepted a position at another agency. When she called me a month later to ask when I would be coming in for orientation, I told her that I accepted a position with another agency when I didn't hear back from her.
  4. by   caliotter3
    To this day two agencies that hired me have never given me work. I moved on down the road. I think you made a mistake by bypassing the other possibilities. No response in the next week, then go in person. If you still get treated like an afterthought, then continue your job search.
  5. by   Marshall1
    I got a response...basically, they said some things were "overlooked" being put into the computer and I will start Monday. Interestingly, the person who returned my call, without me asking anything, said the mileage wouldn't be "too bad" for the days I would work..I just said "ok" but thought "why is he saying this and how does he know? the schedule will change daily.." Someone who works for them but another office said she has put as many as 1000K miles in a wk on her car - she works M-F - I figure 2-300/for the 3 days I work on average...
  6. by   caliotter3
    It sounds to me as if they plan on giving you the assignments so far away that no one else will do them.