2011: Update: New to Homecare? Info to get you started - page 3

check out cahaba's: coverage guidelines for home health agencies (aug 06 revision) 94 pages of great advice in easy to read format. medicare reference guide: home health coverage guidelines... Read More

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    Did you see this sticky?

    4/08 UPDATE: OASIS hints and websites

    I loveTina Marelli'sspiral home care documentation handbook book--posted link earlier in thread.
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    A great website for new home health nurses is homehealth101.com. Sorry, I don't know how to do a link.
  3. by   Prosperous Always
    Hello my name is Godrenia, I am tryting to get a homehealth agency started here in texas and I am having some problems. I have gathered alot of information over some time now and have gotten to a dead end. If at all possible could you please help me out with some information about the do's and don't of having a homehealth agency. I am a CNA and I have been in the medical feild for a long time. I started taking care of elderly peole since I was 15, I am now going on 35 and I am really wanting my own business in healthcare, personal care homes and group homes for mentally impaired individuals. Please help me if you can and are able it would be of great help. God Bless you always.
  4. by   Jaki95
    Hi Nurses, can anyone give me advise on working as a independent contractor in home care as a FFS Nurse doing pre-pours, insulin administration,wound care and etc. I am a LPN and have experience in the field. I am in the process of getting my medicaid provider #, and i have my NPI #. Do I need a number for medicare?? I appreciate any input good or bad you have to offer. Thanks
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    Thank you!