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We just moved to a new state and I am job hunting. My experience is 5 1/2 years of Labor & Delivery/Maternity in the hospital. However, I have been offered a per diem Visiting Nurse position. Here's the deal:

I would work every 4th weekend, and I would be the only one on beeper. If I get into a bind, the clinical supervisor could be called for consultation. The patient population is mainly geriatric - fractured hips, occasional IV's, sorting pills, dressing changes, etc. They want me to orient maybe 3 days during the week to cover the OSHA stuff, then I would go out with the weekend per diems "until I am comfortable - even if that is 3 weeks in a row".

Is it really that easy to switch into HH, or would I be getting myself into a dangerous situation without adequate training/backup? Remember, I am used to a large degree of autonomy in L&D, but I have never done Med Surg. Would I be able to pick up the paperwork that quickly, or would it be hard to get into the knack if I only do it every 4th weekend? I'm a pretty quick study, but I want to know from the insider's view looking out if this seems like a reasonable deal that most nurses would be able to handle.

Thanks for the info!

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No I think you do alot of med teaching, lots of wound care and cp assessments. Ask them to have you use some of the new wound care products. Do you have to open cases as well or just do visits? I think you would be fine.



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I assume I would have to admit as well, since I would be the only one working the weekend. Thanks for the vote of confidence.

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If you take it let us know. If your doing admissions don't let the paperwork scare you away. It is like everything else. Once you get used to it, the paperwork goes fine.

Let us know if you take it!



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ummm....IMHO....no medsurg experience is gonna cause you probs in HH....


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I also have most of my experience in labor and delivery, and just started doing home health about 3 months ago. It has been an adjustment. My agency has been very supportive however, and are planning on sending me on a lot of inservices about wound care etc. I have had med-surg experience however in a rural setting. The paperwork is a hassle, but it is more time consuming than anything. Good luck

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