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Hi all. New here.  Got offered a home health case manager position.  Will be a total change from what I’m doing now.  Wanted to see if what I am being offered (and told about the job) is in line with others doing a similar position.  Will be full time position.  I get 13 weeks of orientation.  This will be a combination of class time, office time and in field preceptorship.  After training I will work 4 tens per week (8-6).  I am responsible for 5 units per day or 50 in 2 weeks.  If I go over 50 I am paid $59 for every unit after 50th.  Work one weekend per month. One night of call per week.  I am being told it’s rare to get called out m-f but then when I have a weekend day I’m in call that I can for sure expect to go out.  You get paid $75 to be on call and if you get called out you get triple productivity.  Salary is 78,000 a year.  It’s through a very large hospital system in my area.  I want to take it and try something new.  I am leaving a position of 3 12’s per week working 3am and getting little sleep.   I have heard some say they love it and some say it’s terrible and the paperwork causes you to work over your 40 hours per week.  Anyone have feelings either way?  Love it? Hate it?  Does this offer sound fair?  Thanks in advance.  


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Many of your questions are answered in AN's Home Health Nursing forum.





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Is there a way to move my message to that forum?

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I have worked HH on 2 separate occasions throughout my career. The first time it was good, the second not so much bc of all the paperwork, calls etc. That said, the offer sounds fair enough but just know that you will probably be working more than 40hrs and may not be paid (depending on how that pay schedule actually pays out). The work itself can be demanding bc of the constant/ongoing changes in the pt and care. There will be multiple phone calls to pts/caregivers, MDs, other staff etc which can take much time and sometimes on your own time as you may not be able to get in touch when you are on the clock. This all depends on how your particular office handles these things, sometimes they are more helpful than other times. The fact that you are getting 13 weeks of orientation is very good, make sure you ask questions and learn everything you can, the paperwork can be daunting to say the least. Don’t be surprised if they shorten that time once you start, it seems like a long orientation but I worked HH not so recently so maybe that is the norm, IDK. I did enjoy the fact that you are able to care for the pt more so than in the hospital and pts in general are more appreciative and thankful. Personally I enjoyed the alone time throughout the day (in the car etc) that you don’t get in a hospital/facility and to some extent the flexibility of the schedule/day. I was confident in my skills so I didn’t have a problem working alone but did occasionally need to call for assistance in some cases, just make sure you do that also. Nobody expects you to know everything or be able to always do everything. HH can be rewarding as long as your expectations are in check. It is indeed hard work but also manageable as long as your agency doesn’t expect too much which only time will tell. It does sound like they are willing to put the time in to train so hopefully that is a good sign. Congrats on the offer!!