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I'm very interested in Reiki and was wondering if anyone knows/does Reiki either in their personal life or in their nursing career. Our state board of nursing approves CEUs for a "Reiki Seminar... Read More

  1. by   Guardian
    Hello Florry!
    I do EMF separate from my daily nursing practice. I am also interested in Dr.
    Eric Pearle's totally non-structured use of what it is called Reconnective Energy. I am not certified, but think that this is part of the "new energy dynamics" of this transitional time for the planet. His life history and story is truly amazing. It is not touch therapy or anything like it. You don't even direct the energy or the session, NO TECHNIQUE, it is just there to be used uniquely on every client. His book is wonderful!


  2. by   NICU_Nurse
    I was just curious- how did you go about becoming certified in Healing Touch? Thanks! ;>)

    Ps. I shared an apartment with a girl some years ago who was a Reiki practicioner, and all I'll say is that she cured my aching back and I haven't had a problem with it since. Naysayers can take that as they like. ;>)
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  3. by   florry
    Hello Kirsti!

    Maybe its my language problems again, but:
    Here in our country we have no regulations from the goverment about "alternativ medicine". I am not a certified touch - healer or something like that.

    Its possible to take classes in different levels, depend on your background (feks. RN autoris. or LPN background), and then get a certification or diploma. This is NOT a part of feks. a master degree or something like that.

    Certainly, we have a problem here in our country, because the lack of rules and regulations. I know they (politicans) are working with it, so you may have a sort of "garantie" for delivering alternative medicine.

    In my work as an authoriz. nurse spec I can use massage, touch therapy, reiki if the patient want to, but allways after consulting the medical doctor.
    I hope this was an answer for you, if you still have q. , just mail me!
  4. by   yazfan
    I am an RN who has taken Reiki classes and Healing Touch. These are the most wonderful things I have ever come across to use as a nurse! I am still amazed that every time I do these to someone else they really work and that I am able to be a channel in this energy work. My hospital is presently working on building our practice for patients and I am so excited. Many people think it is Voodoo or such, but some of them are my strongest supporters after I was able to releive pain for them,and it never came back. There is a nationwide certification program for Healing Touch (which includes Therapeutic Touch) through the American Holistic Nurses Association and Reiki is available all over the country from Reiki masters. If interested, look into them as they open a whole new world of healing and helping your patients in a wonderful way. So far we mostly do healing touch on other nurses and on patients who are friends or nurses that allow us to. Once we have a policy in place we will be able to do it for anyone who requests it if the doctor okays it. If nothing else it reduces anxiety and studies have proven quicker healing after surgeries, better outcomes for premies, and overall shorter hospital stays.
  5. by   PennyLane
    I am very interested in Reiki and Healing touch and would like to take classes after I get out of nursing school. Thanks everyone for posting the websites and books!
  6. by   vemiliob
    I am very busy preparing myself for moving to my natal city (Buenos Aires) as a first step before doing it toward the State of Florida (US), also I'm busy worrying too much about it!....but I could not resist the temptation of posting something about this suject that touches me so closely.
    I've been training martial arts for 31 years already, and teaching them during the last twenty six. Thanks to that I got familiar to many disciplines like Tai Chi Chuan, Chi kun and Reiki. I mean, "my mind accepted them as natural things". Though it wasn't there where I learned that which I learned. I Won't give it, neither a name nor explane where I learned it, even though I'm supposed to.
    It's just that I'm not certain about the importance of naming things before understanding them, and yet, after doing it! I also cannot process in my brain the idea of having to pay lots of money to a "Master" to give you that level's certification.

    Well!, I don't wanna be too hard! but when you have a fight it's not your Diploma of Personal Trainer what will speak about your proficiency as a fighter, but the result of that fight instead"!!
    That comparison would not apply to our profession but we are talking about different things. For instance, things like the Universal Energy (something related to the High, God, if you love that word? I prefer 'Heaven')
    how can anyone asume the responsibility of asking money for using it? or teaching to use it?...
    ...Nobody asked me a penny to teach me... Nobody gave me a certification either, but it worked!!!

    To a certain extent you tune your own energy with the Universal one, so it is not your hands but your own field of energy (your aura if you like?) what will focus the Big Energy onto the Patient. You don't need to use your hands, you don't need to ask a doctor for permission, because you don't need to be noticed... Probably our EGO does! but our patient does not!.... he/she needs our compassion only!

    To my experience and to many others' too, there are no fixed rules, "there are no illnesses but ill-patients instead". It will be different for different people. No miraculous, no magic transformations... but it works!... it helps! and the most important: "It helps both , our patient and us".
    One needs first to "harmonize oneself" and there lies the benefit!
  7. by   danabar
    Anaclaire and Renarian,
    Where do you study holistic nutrition?
  8. by   copperd
    I too have had Theraputic Touch training. I did not become certified, but have used it for family and friends. Would not have missed it for anything. It is Lovely.
  9. by   healingtouchRN
    I am a CHTP as well as a RN, BSN. I am currently working as a CCU charge nurse at night, & have a Part time private practice in Healing Touch & Health Education/Holistic nursing. I am testing in two weeks for my Board cert in CV nursing. Then on to my Holistic nurse cert. (can you tell I am a workaholic?) anyhoo, I love HT, I use it on my co-workers, my CCu pt's, my family, animals, church members. anyone who desires the touch, I provide it. I am educating my staff on what HT is, & why one would use it, as well as any other forms of alternative/integrative therapies! :chuckle
  10. by   healingtouchRN
    Healing touch is a different program than that of Theraeutic Touch. Dr. D. Kreiger & Dora Kunz birthed the TT in the 1970's. Healing Touch's founder Janet Mentgen, studied with Dr Kreiger, but also studied with others to form a program called Healing Touch. It integrates many different energy techniques, but as of this past year they are two seperate entities. to find out more on Healing Touch Cert program (which takes 2-3 years, if you pace yourself) go to
    This is an awesome program! I completed some advanced HT classes with Janet last year, she is a grand teacher, as is Sharon Scandrett-Hibdon, another HT instructor.
  11. by   2lroberts
    Hi everyone! Thank you for all the great information so far! For those of you who have mentioned that you use Reiki and other alternative approaches regularly, how exactly do you bring this up with a patient? Generally, how do people respond and are there subtle (and moral/ethical) ways you can encourage them to try it? Is it ever difficult to incorporate these techniques in a regular hospital setting because of time constraints/large workloads or co-workers/managers that are uncomfortable with alternative medicine? Any tips for getting around these issues? I appreciate the help!
  12. by   jam2007
    I have been practcing Reiki for some time and it is my understanding that a person has to be open to receiving energy for it to work. Where I am, there are some hospitals that will not allow the staff to use alternative therapies. I would first find out if your place of employment has any concerns. If not, you could freely bring it up with patients as a mode of healing and explain the benefits. Hope that helps!
  13. by   naturopathbuddy
    I am a nurse who co-coordinates our hospital Reiki Clinic. There is also a Reiki in Hospitals website.
    Patients find it totally relaxing and say Reiki helps them cope with pain and anxiety.