Holistic Nursing Education

  1. Am a RN with german and US license. Want to practise Holistic Nursing. Where can I get formal education in US?
    Did anybody take the online class from Canyon College, is it recommendable?
    Would appreciate ANY helpful info on this topic.
    Does anybody have info on self-employed holistic RNs?
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  3. by   jamistlc
    Greetings All Nurses,

    I have taken college courses in Herbology and Homeopathy at my local community college, try there first it is cheaper and it may not have program for a Nursing degree in that are but it is a start and is cheaper, and the credits will transfer to other institution!

    I would do a web search for A.I.M. the Association for Intergrative Medicine, if you join please sign up using me "DoulaNurse" or it maybe "Jamistlc". Find me in the register uner Crowning Moments Childbirth Services in Columbus, Ohio USA

    One University I would look into for Post-Grad is Bastyr, they have a great accrediated degree program for different areas of Alternative /Complementary Medicine and a Naturalpathic Physician Program.
  4. by   elaineblom
    Dear Shanti,

    Everything you want to know about holistic nursing in the US and Canada can be learned through the American Holistic Nurses Association. To get in touch with them:

    PO Box 2130
    Flagstaff, AZ 86003-2130
    (800) 278-AHNA (2462)
    (520) 526-2752 fax


    Good luck to you and welcome!!
  5. by   eventsnyc
    Shanti, At New York University they offer a Master's Degree in Holistic Nursing.

    Best wishes, Christina
  6. by   OneThunder
    This is my dream too! I am completing my BSN so I can apply to the American Holistic Nurse Association.
    But, unless a university within driving distance of home has graduate courses, I won't be taking them
  7. by   rennilou
    Hello! I am wondering if anyone can offer information on holistic nursing for LPN's. Is certification in holistic nursing even offered to LPN's or do you have to be an RN? I am currently finishing my pre-requisites so I can apply to RN school but holistic nursing is something I would love to learn and do. I am also considering going even further into medical school and becoming a D.O. but this is not in the near future. :chuckle
    Any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
    I have checked the Holistic Nurses Association but did not find any information pertaining to LPN's.
    Thanks! I look forward to your responses!
  8. by   Writer
    Anyone can join AHNA... there is a special rate for student nurses, LVN's are welcome as well!

    There are Master's programs available at New Rochelle and Colorado Springs (both of which lead to clinical specialities in holistic nursing)... I think several others have sprung up as well but I don't have the locations.

    Certification as a holistic nurse is targeted to BSN-prepared RN's because of the philosophic base required. More info can be found at http://www.ahna.org/edu/certification.html

    It does not take an advanced degree to certify! There are many courses across the country that qualify for the 48 hours required, and AHNA has a marvelous national conference each year in June (next year in Phoenix AZ) that will add hours.

    It's a great life... great association!

    Writer, HNC (Holistic Nurse-Certified) and life member of AHNA
  9. by   curlygirlrn
    A nurse I am working with is getting her Bachelor's Degree through this school: http://www.ccnh.edu/ Check it out! It really sounds too good to be true but you never know? If anyone out there has heard of it please share your thoughts/experiences...

  10. by   Vsummer1
    I looked at the site, and was wondering a few things...

    who recognizes the degrees conferred by this program? For instance, if I take my Bachelor's program and then want to go to a University, will they recognize the degree? Who accredits them? Like I said, I looked at the site a bit but didn't find that out.
  11. by   curlygirlrn
    They are accredited ...
    Clayton College is accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (A.A.D.P.) and the American Naturopathic Medical Certification and Accreditation Board (A.N.M.C.A.B.). These are professional associations which offer professional accreditation in naturopathy and other areas of natural health. Both are private accrediting associations designed to meet the needs of non-traditional education and are not affiliated with any government agency.

    ...and there is an area that talks about what the graduates end up doing. The website takes a bit of patience to manuever.

    They also have BS, MS and PhD's with varying fields of study pertaining to Natural Medicine/Health.

  12. by   brown rice
    Great to hear these programs are accredited! But I would like to know how many nurses are really able to practice alternative medicine in the work place? and if so where do you work?
    Jamistlc- you took herbology and homepathy. have you been able to apply these at work?
    Please know that I fully support alternative medicine I am just curious to know how much freedom nurses have to really use it.
  13. by   renerian
    Is this the school you mean? I just got my BS there and am working on my MS there? Check it out www.ccnh.edu....see if you like it.....

  14. by   healingtouchRN
    Tennessee State University in Nashville, TN has a MSN in Holistic Nursing. I met two ladies who are completing this program this month. They were very well rounded nurses with great hopes for thier different interests. I think this program is sure to be filling with great Holistic caregivers of tomorrow!