Holiday Self-Care: Creating a Meaningful Holiday to Remember – Part 10

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Taking care of yourself during the holidays can get left behind when you are overloaded with more things to do and little time for you to relax and unwind.  Since you are probably the organizer of the holiday, you can also control how well you take care of yourself during these busy times. 

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How Well Do You Take Care of Yourself?

Holiday Self-Care: Creating a Meaningful Holiday to Remember – Part 10

Self - Care - what's that and who has time for it during the Holidays?

All year we work hard to take care of ourselves.  But what happens during the Holiday Season... This month of overindulgence, busyness, high stress and worries? You need a self-care plan so you can fit self- care in your schedule.

Check out this video and respond to the questions below.

1. Compared to other times of the year, during the holiday season I:  

(check all that apply)

__  have less free time

__  get less sleep

__  get less exercise

__  eat more sweets and consume more calories in general

__  drink more alcohol

__  have more tasks and responsibilities

__  have less time to be alone

__  am more worried about money

__  spend less relaxed time with friends

__  have less relaxed time with my family

__  have more responsibilities at work

__  have other stressors:___________________________

2.  How does this make you feel?

3. Check the rejuvenating, coping techniques that are most effective in helping you relax and unwind.

__ Going for walks

__ Hot baths or showers

__ Meditation

__ Prayer

__ Visiting close friends

__ Watching TV

__ Exercise

__ Massage

__ Naps

__ Reading for pleasure

__ Yoga or other stretching exercises

__ Time alone with your partner

__ Other _________________________________

4.  Do you tend to do more, less, or the same amount of the above activities during the holiday season?

           __ More    __ Less    __ Same

5.  How would the holiday season change if you did more of them?

Please share what works for you regarding self-care practices.

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