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Holding a CA license

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Is it true that if you hold a license in California you can basically practice at any state you like? Im kind of confused about this please help thank you in advance!

Rose_Queen, BSN, MSN, RN

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No. You need to have a license that is recognized in the state you wish to practice. If you hold a license in one state but wish to practice in another, you need to apply for licensure by endorsement to the other state. The only exception is the compact license. Original NLC | NCSBN

You may have encountered someone expressing the opinion that if you can wrangle a nursing license out of the state of CA, you can handle the licensing process anywhere

Oh now i know, thank you very much!

Sour Lemon

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Oh now i know, thank you very much!

California is thought to have stricter licensing standards than most states, particularly for international graduates. Nurses who are able to become licensed in other states may not qualify in California.