Hmmmmm... Have you tried this?


Have any of you tried the Ultrascope stethoscope? It claims that you can hear through bulky bandages and has better acoustics than traditional stethoscopes. I read also that it was created by an RN. With that said ofcourse I had to order one to see for myself, but I will not get it for another week due to shipping. So, was it worth the money?


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I've never tried it, but please let us know what you think; I'm a little hearing-challenged.... :)


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i have one...i like it does also...we tried it out in the's pretty awesome....


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Along the same lines, is the pot belly stethoscope, works very well. I think from looking at the pictures of the two, it is about the same as the ultrascope. And about 1/2 the price.


BTW: The diaphragm came off of mine, so I put it back on with a wrap of coban, did not diminish the sound at all.


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hate the potbelly....better off with a fisher-price toy stethoscope!!!!

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A friend of mine had one of those... I thought it was awesome!


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originally posted by sicu queen

a friend of mine had one of those... i thought it was awesome!

:chuckle :chuckle :chuckle a fisher-price steth?


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I have one, but honestly don't notice much of a difference. Pretty though. Asked for a Littman Cardiac at x-mas, but hubby bought me ultrascope. Still wonder how well the Littman works.


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I have a Littman Cardiology III and I love it. Is the ultrascope an electronic one??? One of the docs at work has an electronic one, it was ok, but I didn't like the "feel" of it if you know what I mean.

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