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Hiya No prereq. school in Ga


Hiya I wanted to know if there where any LPN schools in or near Atlanta that are accredited the DO NOT require prerequisites. I found lively tech in Tallahassee I am willing to go there to get what I need done I'll just have to work at night or during the day. I want to snatch up an LPN as quickly as possible so I can get a RN just as fast then enlist. I have to do all of this before 35 and I am creeping up on 29 now... help please I am a late bloomer I didn't know nursing was so lucrative had i known i would've never bounced around with my major.


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Keep in mind that even if you get into a no pre req LPN school, this will not preclude you from completing pre reqs for RN school. You cannot to an LPN-RN program without first taking the pre reqs for the program. If RN is your end goal then you should start the pre reqs and either go to LPN school while completing them, or go stratight to RN school after completing your pre reqs. Pre reqs should take you about 1.5-2 years and if you get good grades then you should be able to get accepted to a 2 year RN program following that. GL


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Also if you plan to enlist as an RN officer, you have to have a BSN as far as I know.

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Also if you plan to enlist as an RN officer, you have to have a BSN as far as I know.

There is no shortage in the military either.....BSN entry.

But i thought the lpn program with no pre-reqs still gave you the anatomy 1 and 2, micro, english, psych. history, political science, and public speaking. Alot of these course i've taken before the school i started when i had my son in 2012 gave them to me as perquisites for their lpn program. My issue was the distance for class i live in south henry county and drove ALL THE WAY TO LAGRANGE I still managed dean's list. But I had no childcare now he's bigger talking and potty trained people are crazy now days. I thought i could atleast be a warrant officer with an ASN

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Maybe talk with someone in the military before you sign up for something that may or may not be what you are looking for.