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Is it customary for people to receive HIV test results in person only, even if the results are negative? I got paperwork back from the doctor's office, reporting all my pregnancy, pap smear, and STD tests as negative, but saying that the results of the HIV test have to be received in person. I was hoping some one here would know if this is just done for everyone because of confidentiality and legal reasons, or if I could have possibly had a positive result.

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This is normal. Some docs will tell you on the phone but many don't like to.


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depending on the state you live in. some require "post test counseling" and "pre test counseling" by law..which may have to be done in person.


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This is customary, everytime I take the test I have to go in person to recieve the results.


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bth44, I hope your results are negative! (I'm pretty sure they are). :)

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I have never heard of HIV results NOT being given in person, for the same reasons mentioned above. If my results were negative, I personally wouldn't care if someone gave them to me over the phone but I sure would like them to be in person if they were positive!!


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I had a needle stick at work, found out the pt was negative, so knew I would be, but they still made me come back to the Occ Health to get my results. They would not give them to me over the phone.


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