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Has anyone ever taken Hist 1311 from professors Goodwin or Keller? I am taking it this fall and can't seem to find a syllabus online at the UTA website yet. Can anyone give me any tips or suggestions for this course?


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I took this course a few months ago and it was extremely frustrating. Not to sound like a downer, but I am just be honest. The layout of the course is poor and the exam questions don't match the material that is required. I would highly advise taking this at a local community college rather than online through this school. It was a royal nightmare.


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Two nurses I work with and I have taken 1311 at UTA. I passed but thought it was the worst course by far of any of them. One of my coworkers dropped it and took it at a community college because it was so bad. The other coworker dropped it, then tried it again the next semester and dropped it a 2nd time. She's taking it at a community college now.

The course is passable, but it is poorly designed and is enough to make a history buff hate history.


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I took it at a community college after hearing how it was a nightmare at UTA.


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Awful. Just awful. A LOT of work. A course to take all by itself.

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Mega FAIL :( The course is time consuming and they only open sections after you complete the prior section which makes it hard to impossible to work ahead of you are a busy person. Btw I took kellers

I took this online with Goodwin. It has been a terrible experience, It felt more like a writing course than a history course I learned more about how to write a thesis statement, organize a paper and proper footnoting than I did about history. I agree with the others that your time and money would be better served at a community college.


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Seriously struggling with this class right now. Anyone want to help me develop a thesis statement for essay on Indian/European relationship? I have dropped all other classes in hopes of passing this one but I think I am screwed.


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This class is reading and video watching intensive, but doable IF you can devote a couple of hours each day and not cramming all at once. You need to absorb the reading as the material builds upon the next. It is very interesting and if you can take it alone - that would be recommended if you work full time. Again, doable - but can't let up for even one day - the volume of work is more than any other class I've taken at UTA. You can't be distracted - understanding the relationships, motivations, context, geography - the assignments reflect your comprehension so you can't expect to jam it all in one weekend which I think it the problem for a lot of working students. Can't do that in this class - you won't pass. You will learn ALOT!

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I know this is an old thread but in case someone happens to read this before enrolling in either course at UTA then...it's good advice to take either 1311 or 1312 at your community college. Both courses are OVERWHELMING, and should only be taken by themselves. 1311 is manageable as long as you stay on top every day. 1312 is a total NIGHTMARE. The essays are insanely complex with instructions all over the place. 

Has anyone taken history 101/102 at Dallas college instead of at UTA? Was it super difficult?

I didn't think history would be hard because I took it at another community college and it wasn't bad, they didn't accept it as a transfer though because the dates were slightly not matching.  Now reading comments I'm worried about history at UTA.

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