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I'm a new LPN grad currently living in Cleveland OH, but I'm looking to relocate to Houston. I've been appling to numerous hospitals in the Houston area since the end of April, but no has called me. I am still in the process of getting my license transferred, so I'm guessing that has something to do with why I haven't heard from anyone. ??? Cleveland's job market is horrible these days, so I'm not expecting to find anything here. But I see SO many postings for LVN's in Houston...is there a hiring freeze there? I mean, once all my paper work is completed is there any chance of me getting a job- soon??

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Don't worry hon, you'll be able to find a job here. I just bet that your current location is what is turning off potential employers. No one pays re-location for LVNs, and they aren't exactly sure of when you are going to be here, when you're going to have your license, etc.

When you get here and get settled in with a local address, phone number and license - I'm sure you will have better luck.

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I was kinda hoping to already have a job in place- so I CAN get a local address! haha I mean, I have people I could stay with, but I am SO ready to have my own place....u make a good point, though.


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I totally understand! Just use your friend's or relatives' local Houston mailing address on your resume. That should help!


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Are you a new grad? I've also noticed that in general, hospitals don't love to hire grad LVN/LPNs and many prefer acute care nursing experience. In my experiences hospitals can take months to process your application, interview, and hire you. Couple that with being out of state without a TX license and your application probably is not as desirable as a local. I wouldn't let that discourage you from moving, but realistically you may have a accept a position in LTC or a hospital clinic to start. The good thing is, you can usually began work almost immediately in LTC. Definitely continue to search and apply to other jobs though. Good Luck!


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We are actually looking for someone to assist my disabled sister with daily living. We are looking for someone to be her healthcare provider. Although we do not need to have someone who is a professional to care for our sister, we would like someone who has some kind of experience and woul like to assist her. The daily routine takes between three to four hours a day and consist of bathing her, dressing her, serving her food, washing her clothes and tidying up her room. Occassionally, helping her move to and from her wheelchair from the bed. If this is something that would interest you please let me know.

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