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I had two interviews a couple of weeks ago for ICU positions at both UNC and Duke and I felt that each interview went really well. I was given a good amount of onboarding information, including benefits package info, incentive package info, etc. Essentially I was given a new hire packet for each facility. Then... crickets. No response. I was told outright by UNC that the hiring process might be delayed a couple weeks due to COVID related issues, but it's been a couple weeks. I sent out thank you emails to both facilities. UNC responded saying they'd try to respond to me with an update by the end of last week (no update).

I don't want to nag them, but I also am really anxious about if I'm going to be hired for either position, or if I should keep applying to more jobs. I really don't want to apply to a bunch of jobs and deal with all of the paperwork/references/etc unless I really have to, but I also don't want to miss any opportunities. I really wish they'd just give an update so I'm not in limbo ? It's so stressful.

If you work at either UNC or Duke, have you heard about any hiring freezes, furloughs, or reduction of benefits at your facility? Or have you heard of any other triangle area facilities announcing hiring freezes, furloughs, or reduction of benefits, etc?

Thanks in advance!

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No hiring freeze at Duke, I think the issue is that most of HR is working offsite (until very recently, I think). I know that my unit has a new nurse starting soon and my manager had an interview this week.

Duke is kind of slow and I would call your recruiter. I know there is going to be a lot of hiring as the new tower will be opening in the Spring. Don't give up! I had to call after I interviewed. My recruiter had had a family emergency and the other were trying to absorb her hires and I got "misplaced" When I called, they found my file and were like-"oh yes, we would like to hire you! Can you start X date?" They get swamped.

Good Luck!!

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Thank you all for your response. You've been very informative throughout this process. Both jobs got back to me stating they are waiting for HR to "officially clear" the jobs to move ahead and that I am still being considered. They both stated hiring has been delayed due to COVID and many people working remotely are just returning to their offices.

Something I did notice when looking at other positions at both UNC and Duke is their job postings used to mention an incentive program including student loan forgiveness, tuition reimbursement, commitment incentives, and relocation assistance. I worry that these incentives might be cut or significantly reduced due to post-COVID budgeting issues which would be so so so disappointing bc I am desperate for any and all help, especially regarding student loan repayment.

When applying for positions at Duke specifically, they suggested I interview for one position at a time rather than multiple nursing positions and asked me to deduce which position I wanted more (neuro ICU vs neuro SD, so I picked neuro ICU but that doesn't mean I'm not necessarily only interested in ICU) Honestly after working in the ER for a while I discovered I enjoy and am interest in many types of nursing and am not exclusively interested in just one field, though neuro is definitely fascinating to me and most relevant to my more recent nursing experience.

Anyway, I'll still check out more positions in the meantime. Is it in poor taste to apply to other positions within the same hospitals while I'm waiting for their response on my initial applications, or would it be more beneficial to check out other facilities?

Thank you again so so much!

I would just keep applying. I know many people who have done this, and have even gotten multiple offers within the same hospital system. Both of these hospitals are HUGE. I think UNC has at least 25 nurse recruiters. With CV, everything is even more complicated. Recruiter A may not even know that Recruiter D has you scheduled for an interview. Also, both hospitals have positions that you will only find in large teaching hospitals (research nursing, transplant coordinators, nurse director for the university professor run ambulatory clinic which involves "clinic nursing skills+top notch organizational and writing skills", education director for anything you can think of that is hospital related, any kind of nursing that you have ever heard of-Neuro-ICU-Trauma-ICU-Burn Center-Manometry-Grant Related Research-Procedural Units). Good luck! ?

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