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I like many other new grads are struggling to find a place in the world of nursing! I graduated, passed my boards and feel like I cannot celebrate due to the daunting task of finding a job. I have been told that it is rough every where trying to find a position as a new nurse. My question is, is there a difference in the hiring rate of new nurses based on ADN or BSN degree. At this point I am contemplating going into a BSN program hoping that will increase my chances of finding employment. So, any one out there that has any info I would love to hear from you! I had always planned on getting my BSN but thought I would have the job first and maybe get some help to pay for the BSN thru my employer. Is it worth it to go ahead and start the BSN program (and pay for it myself) in hopes of finding a job after graduating? Is there a higher chance that I will land the job just because I have a BSN vs ADN? How long does it take to finally get that job... a few months? 6 months? a year?

Thanks to anyone who can give me any insight!!!


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I will be graduating with my ADN next month and I had the same concerns. I actually went to talk to a magnet hospital in Jacksonville and the key words in an interview are that you plan on continuing your education. ADN and BSN nurses both pass the same boards so while it may be a little harder for you to find a job, if you express interest in continuing your education, they are more than likely more comfortable with hiring you. I know we have a lot of competition for jobs here in Jacksonville with at least 8 nursing programs with graduates each semester and I know of some ADN's that have gotten jobs while BSN's have not and vice versa. I think it comes down to making the extra effort and doing what other new grads are not doing.


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From what I've seen, BSN new grads are having just as hard a time finding a job. In this job market, the key is experience. Do whatever you can to get the experience, whether it's working at a nursing home, clinic, or volunteering as a nurse at someplace like a homeless shelter. I'd never discourage anyone from continuing their education, but going back to school another few years isn't going to make much difference until you have that experience.

It's driving me crazy to hear people talking about a nursing shortage when that is the furthest thing from the truth and I think about all the new grads who come to these forums looking for answers. I may throttle the next person who has the nerve to say something about a shortage. Harrumpf.

Best of luck to you both.


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Thanks guys! I knew this was a problem here in Jacksonville but the more I read, the more I find that it is occurring everywhere! I am just keeping my fingers crossed and continue to try to find that job! I too get angry when I hear about the "shortage". My current employer keeps asking me why I can't get a job since there is such a shortage. If I have to explain it one more time I think I am going to scream!

Good luck to everyone who is struggling finding a job!


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Hi all, i graduated from a adn program over 10 years ago and am planning to go for my bsn. I just rec'd an email from fsu that said that it is cancelling its rn to bsn program. That should tell you the need for bsn nurses compared to adn nurses. With the economy so bad, just be happy you have your rn license. Nursing schools have been cropping up all over the place lately and turning nurses out like crazy. With hospitals increasing their nurse/patient ratios the outlook for new nurses in florida is bleek. Just take any job to get your foot in the door and remember that the buzy time for hiring is in october and november. Good luck to you all!!

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In this economic climate, the unfortunate truth is that they want nurses with experience.


Please just hang in there, things will change soon enough....


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I just rec'd an email from fsu that said that it is cancelling its rn to bsn program. That should tell you the need for bsn nurses compared to adn nurses.

I asked about this, they told me that the program is undergoing revision and curriculum development and that due to this, they are not accepting applications for the Fall 2009 semester. They did not state that the program has been discontinued, but that I should continue to watch the website for updates.

Again, the issue isn't about which degree is better or more marketable, but rather about experience.

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