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Hi i ve been recruited at the hospital for night shift 12hours a day. Nobody told how many days I would be working a week. Does anyone has any idea how many days a week work people at the hospital if they work 12hours shift?

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I would call and ask HR, we have no way of knowing. But usually it would mean 3 shifts a week.


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Congratulations! FT is 3 nights a week, and we had a floating OT 4th, not everyone has that.


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Any idea? Yes :) What this specific facility does? No.

Sometimes it's 3 12's a week, for a total of 72 hours in a 2-week pay period and is considered full-time.

Sometimes it's 3 12's one week, 4 the next, for a total of 80 hours in the same pay period.

If it's a gov't job you should expect to have no less than 80 hours per pay period if you want to keep full time benefits.

You'll have to call and ask them what they do.