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Hired at St Lucie Medical Center --- uhh NOT!

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I was hired as an RN at St Lucie Medical Center and completed my background check and preemployment physical. I was to start on a Tuesday in early October in a 4 day orientation class with other new hires. The day before we were to start they called and told us we wouldn't be starting until November 11 as the hospital census was down. Some of the people had quit previous jobs to work there and now had no income for a month. Today the class was called and told we also wouldnt be starting in November and in fact may never start. So those that quit jobs are totally unemployed and cannot even file for unemployment. Once again this was St Lucie Medical Center an HCA Hospital.

I am so sorry...that sucks, honestly I am not suprised though. Never heard anything good about that Hospital. I also had the displeasure of being a patient once, wouldn't recommend it. Have you looked into the other facilities in Martin or Palm Beach?

Lately, This has occurred across all sectors of jobs. In the last, 3months this has happened to me, 3 times. About a week ago, some job told me that a job would be 30 to 40 hours for a week. I work temporary jobs as of late. I had a gig on a tuesday. I did not turn down the gig and decided the wing it. The temp job only last one day. I was not a happy camper:angryfire. Nor were the nurses in the room. Luckily, I did not turn down the side gig. There is no loyalty or morals (imo). Companies do not care about your peril. This is why there are so many disclaimers on job applications to prevent future lawsuits.

I guess, the main idea of your post is not to work at HCA. I was going to volunteer at a local HCA hospital. maybe, I should rethink it. hmm

Sorry this happened to you.

Thanks for your replies. I really wasn't trying to say not to work at HCA Hospitals. My post was meant to be factual whilst giving me a chance to vent. Hopefully others will realize that even when you think you have a job, in this economy you can lose it before you even start.

Hopefully others won't make the mistake I did and give your current employer two weeks notice and quit; although I still feel this is the proper thing to do. If I had it to do over I would have called in sick to my previous employer the first week to make sure I have a new job then quit with no notice leaving them in a bind but then my bills would still be getting paid.


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Hey Dale, the same thing happened to me at St. Lucie medical center. I finished my practicum for nursing school in october and was told i would be hired and do orientation in November. I did have (and still have) another job at that time, and was in the same prediciment as you. I didnt know if I should give my notice or what! Anyways, I figured I would keep my mouth shut until I knew for sure. I got the call that orientation was not happening because the census was down, and kept calling. Although my hopes were up, I tried to be persistant in following up with them about the next orientation. I called and left messages, and finnnallyyyy got the call to start orientation this past month. I have been there for a couple weeks now and the census is back up. I know when I was doing orientation, they asked if I knew anyone who could work on their new PCU floor. Keep trying and keep following up! Good Luck!!;)

thanks, i've since been hired at another hospital and I am happy there


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Has this happened at any other HCA Hospital? I recently appied to a few... havn't heard anything yet, but it's only been a few days...

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Nope not that i know of from my friends here in HCA hospitals in So Flo