HIPAA: How Our Health Care World Has Changed


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hipaa: how our health care world has changed


the latest online journal of issues in nursing (ojin) topic is "hipaa: how our health care world has changed." the four articles included share insights on the threats and opportunities that have come with the hipaa regulations. the articles share strategies for dealing with hipaa, discuss how hipaa has affected the nursing workplace, examine hipaa-related costs, and explore concepts such as privacy, space privacy, information privacy, and privacy of individual behaviour. there is also broad overview of hipaa related issues from a legal perspective and discussion of hipaa's possible impact on upcoming health initiatives. more...


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There's an interesting fact about HIPAA that many people don't know. If I asked who is responsible for the HIPAA rules, most people would know that it is the Federal government. But do you know is totally 100% exempt from HIPAA? That's right, the same Federal government that imposed these costly rules on everybody else. They said it would be "too burdensome" for them to comply.

I wrote to both my senators about this. All I got back was a load of generic crapola from both of them. Then politicians wonder why they rank right up there with rapists & child molesters in the public eye.


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interesting, to say the least.

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