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Hinds cc letters


I called Hinds yesterday and she said some letters are going out Monday and some on Wednesday...I didn't receive anything today has anybody else?! Do rejection letters go out first or do acceptance letters?! Thanks

Did You receive a letter yet?

Nope still waiting I'm guessing mine went out today and that I'll receive it tomorrow....I want to call so bad and just ask but don't want them to get frustrated with me

I called this morning and they said some went out yesterday and the rest will go out today

I'm hoping to get something tomorrow I just wish I knew somebody that's gotten something cause a lot of the stuff I keep reading says rejections letters go out first but who knows....did u apply for the August adn classes at the rankin campus?

yes that is exactly what I applied for. just call and ask what went out first. don't give then name or anything

Lol I may get my husband to....do u have previous classes or degrees? What is your act score if you don't mind me asking...on their site they show the rating scale of how they determine who gets in but other people keep telling me a whole different thing...waiting stinks big time lol

I have an associates degree and 24 ACT

That's awesome I'm sure you will for sure get in! I graduated from high school 10 years ago and just took my ACT again in February and got a 21 which shocked me because of how nervous I was the whole time I was in there taking the test lol I wonder how many they take at each location

Im not sure, I know Holmes takes 50

Did u apply there as well? I didn't think to but I will the next time around if I don't get into Hinds

I did. I completely bombed my interview bc I was a nervous wreck after waiting 2 1/2 hours to talk to the lady but I am 3rd on the alternate list there

I wonder why they require an interview...my little sister did her stuff for lpn there and was accepted into the lpn program at Hinds

well mine wasn't in the mail today

Goodness!! I think I scared the mail lady because I was standing out there yesterday and today lol her eyes got big like what does this girl want! Maybe we will get something tomorrow

call and ask what went out on what day. it could be different campuses on different days

When I called I specified which campus and program and some went out Monday some went out today is what she said and that allied health and rankin will all know this week

I know someone who received her acceptance letter from Hindscc Rankin campus on Tuesday.