High scores in kaplan QT's


As per many members suggestions, I have completed Kaplan question banks, exhausted all their questions, went through all rationales and now I am scoring approximately 80% in all question banks and qtrainers.

I know it is predicted that I have now better chance of passing NCLEX but I am worried that when I am going thru questions, I already have seen most questions earlier so is it still good indicator of my effective learning process ?

I have reviewed lab values, erikson's stages, labor stages and major drugs but is there a thread or site here which explains pharmacology for NCLEX in concise manner.

any kind of input is welcome. I am taking NCLEX on october 30th.

I love this nursing forum :up:


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Saunders has all of the meds broken down by system..i.e...cardiology meds..respiratory meds etc..Saunders helped me with understanding medications.


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OH YAH ! Thanks !

i completely forgot I have saunders book lying on my study table.



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What do you think of the Kaplan Q-Bank?? Im thinking of paying for it online..Im taking my test on Wednesday..


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Kaplan has appr 1100- 1300 questions in qbanks and another 1000 in question trainers. When I bought Kaplan, it was mostly due to recommendation of my nursing school friends but did not use to spend much time on it.

Later when I started doing questions then I found that real learning is going thru all the rationales for a particular question. For e.g if a 6 mos old is brought for well baby check up then what developmental feature you'll see. Your options can be sitting with support, pincer grasp, tripling of birth weight or posterior fontanelle presence. They'll give you answer as "sitting with support " but at the same time they'll explain in rationale that at what age baby should pincer grasp,birth wt tripled or posterior fontanelle present. Therefore thru one question you get knowledge about related stuff too .

kaplan is very good. Do all question banks and QT 1-7

good luck


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80% for Kaplan is high.

I think you will do good in the exam. :)

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