High pay or location?


What factors do you consider when choosing a contract- the pay package or the location? I have a choice right now between a very well paying job in a not so nice area and an okay paying job in a beautiful location. I'm kinda torn so I wanted some input. How do you decide where to go?

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I guess the question you need to answer then is why are you traveling? For the $$$ or the travel itself?


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I started travel nursing last October, and my main goal starting out was to get experience at some of the top medical facilities in the country. That I've done. I so far have completed assignments at 2 top-ranked university hospitals in the northeast and my next assignment is at a top-ranked teaching facility in California. I wanted those names and references on my profile to start out. Money has been important but not the priority. I've been making more than I did at my original staff job and that alone has been ok with me. Perhaps my priority will change later on as my needs change, but for now I really got into travel nursing to get my foot in the door of these renowned hospitals. I like to make good money but since for me travel nursing is temporary (until I decide to switch specialties), I'm happy to fill my profile with good names and good experience until I get back into staff nursing.

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Supply and demand means that pay and location are linked. Yes, Detroit in the winter will likely pay a lot more than San Diego. That is a personal balance you will have to figure out on your own. Sometimes you get good pay, and great location. But sometimes there is a downside there too as great locations often have much higher housing costs - taking away the advantage.