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hi, i just discovered this board and thought i would join in. i am in my last year of nursing school and have been in the ANCP program for over a year now. i am prior service (MI for 6 years). my husband is still active duty. i am looking forward to graduating in may and hopefully off to obc by september. i have three classmate that are rotc and two classmates that are in the ENCP program (currently active duty). this board seems very supportive and a great resource. i hope that i can be of some support in regards to my own situation. i noticed some threads on both the ANCP and ENCP programs. i have been either in the army or an army wife for the last 16 years and love it. i am really looking forward to starting my career as an army nurse. if anyone has advice on my new career path, i will take it. thanks.

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greetings and welcome from an old vietnam era air force medic! :D

just wanted to say hi and make you feel welcome. sounds like you have all your ducklings in a row... hope your plans work out just as you want them.

you'll find all kinds of wonderful info and support here, so poke around and make yourself at home! :)


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Welcome to the boards! I'm trying to decide where I'll land when I *eventually* become an RN, so please share your experiences :D


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Welcome to our forum and good luck in your future decisions/career!

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welcome aboard, soldier!

what an exciting time for you! last year of your nursing program, ready to become an commissioned officer in the nurse corps. outstanding! [ i have been away from the computer for a number of days, hence this late posting to your initial post]

thank you for your prior service, and many thanks to your hubby for his continued service:yeah:



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