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im new here, first post! my name's parko. I'm 18, and currently sitting for my HSC (scary times!) i have a few questions regarding nursing. I have put down the "Bachelor of Nursing" at the University of Newcastle as my first preference to the Uni Admissions Centre, and i was just wondering if anyone had studied there, or knows what the faculty is like. I know Newcastle is a great area, but i don't know much about the reputation of the school or the course (apart from the uni telling me it's great!!). Any thoughts would be extremely helpful! (or even suggestions of courses at other uni's)


parko :D

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Hi!! Parko

If you look in the "sticky" thread at the top of this forum there are a lot of links to different health resources around Australia and New Zealand.

Here is one that lists universities



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Hi Parko,

This is what I think, A Bachelor of Nursing is just that, from anywhere - your ticket to work and go wherever you like. Moneys not the best at ground level.

Uni's differ on what their lecturers like to teach within the guidlines and recommendations of each states nursing board of what they want in the nursing course.

Uni's are like an airline or hospital, good or bad, they are labelled according to each individuals experience of them.

Your hear this or that - hospital wont take grads from this or that uni because..........

The bottom line is there is such a shortage of nurses that you will be welcomed with open arms to whoever you apply.

Apply to a uni that suits you best, closer to home, transport better, whatever you find is best, better accom. cheaper general fees. After all it is only 3 years. Hope this helps C

I have heard that Uni of Tech in syd. is good and UNE up in Armidale, but this was only from a handful of people I knowl


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hi again

Thankyou both for your replies (that was quick!!) Thanks for the link gwenith, it was good. And yeah that sticky was handy (maybe i just should have opened my eyes!!) hehehe

ceridwyn thats pretty much what i thought about the courses- they all differ because of student's opinion on lecturers and facilities and things. People tell you so many things....its so confusing! But your points gave me abit to think about, and i looked into other unis abit- just to compare what everyone does. I'm near Newcastle so it was my obvious choice!

I know the money isn't too good, but i want to nurse because i like people and i like to help others- thats really what it all boils down to for me. I'd like to think the satisfaction i would get out of the job would even out the lack of money (we'll see i guess!)

Thankyou both for your answers, its very helpful for when u make a decision like this!! hehehe


parko :D

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G'day parko!

Can't add muc more to what has been expressed here. Just wanted to send my thoughts your way during the weeks of your HSC exams. Good luck :).


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I must admit that trying to pick a Uni is difficult. Having said that, choosing your prospective career at 17/18 is even harder.

i'm one of the one's that's trying to get into a nursing gig 7 years down the track.

Having just mentioned the shortage of nurses, I think it's extremely fitting for me to mention that getting a place at Uni has been a struggle and I have now settled on doing a Div 2 Certificate first because most of the Uni's forewarned me that mature age entry is difficult. I can't wait to move onto Div 1 because I am having a blast (after having chosen an initial career at a Credit Union - Finance) So good luck, have fun, study hard.


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