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HI! I just had to reply. I am back in the program now and have been since the start of September. I am so much healthier this year it is great and I am really enjoying school. Thanks for everyones support. Tracy

:balloons: Great news Tracy! I'm thrilled for you that you can finally begin to realize your goals of becoming a nurse. Take it slow, and don't overdue. Take your meds on time, and feed yourself to keep up your strength. We're here for you! :flowersfo :icon_hug:


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Thank you guys for the wonderful words.

I am so happy to be back here with some good news. I may ask some questions from time to time about school.

I am resting alot and trying to eat well. I am taking my meds ontime and really giving my all to school. It is only week three but I have learned so much already. I am excited to be back here. Talk to you soon, Tracy

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