Hi guys I need some advice...Please..


Hi all, Im currently completing pre-reqs for the ADN Nursing program at San Jacinto College. Tomorrow will be the last day of my summer classes, I took General Psych and Remedial Math (0305). In the fall I am taking A&P I, Lifespan Psych, Technical Writing, Technical Math (1333), and a PE dance class. I need to get A's in A&P and Tech math , I have already gotten a B in comp1. I know I need a grade of C or better in each course but, I know that that bare minimum WILL NOT get me in. Im not good at math and I have been told that A&P is very intense. Im very worried about not being able to make the grades I need. Am I taking on too much??? Will the other classes im taking help my gpa? I will be very greatful for any advice that you all can give me. Thanks

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