Hi everyone I need HELP!!! PVT on HOLD

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Hello I took Nclex Monday March 31, I took the entire 265?'s and left the testing center checked PVT when I got home which was a 30 minute drive test states delivery successful and I get a pop saying my test results are on hold candidate cannot register at this time. I live in a state where we participate in 48 hour quick results. I Called PearsonVue and they know nothing they directed me to NCSBN they had no reasoning for it being on hold and was told to keep checking. I just want to know if I passed or failed Im so exhausted and having a nervous breakdown. Please help with anything you may know.

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Re the PVT: If you are unable to register for the test, this USUALLY means that you have passed. So take heart.

You will know for sure soon enough. Hang in there!

Check your state. If you passed, you should have a license number

thank you so much I appreciate all your kind words and advice. I have checked the BON and still says pending I remember it took about a week for the girls from school's license to update. I called again and they said I could just be apart of a random audit hoping that's the case and I passed.

most people who had hold on their results usually pass.. from what i have read, a hold is usually when they are reviewing your scores, perhaps the vein scan did not register correctly. mostly clerical delays, nothing with your actual results..

good luck

Gosh I sure hope I am one of those most people lass this is eating me alive. I already suffer major anxiety this is througn the roof. I finallu took a xanax and said theres nothing I can do but hurry up and wait. :crying2:

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