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I am considering taking a trainning course to become a Home Health Aide... however, I have a few questions.

Is a HHA certification higher than that of a CNA or is it vice versa?

I was told by one institution that you must have your CNA before you can become certified as a HHA.

Yet the company that is doing the trainning says that you do not have to be a CNA to become HHA certified.... I am confused :confused:

Any and all clarification is appreciated :)


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In Ohio the HHA is certified to do home health by the agency and most agencies retest because it is an agency certification not a statewide one. The CNA is state wide, with a registry, and you can carry the CNA place to place. Some companies who are to cheap to pay for the HHA training only hire CNAs so they don't have to train. Some state surveyors though will say the CNAs need their training criteria to justify all the objectives a HHA would need to learn. Some CNAs cannot get their hands on that list of things that were taught. State surveyors in Ohio are trying to force, so to speak, agencies to do their own training. You should be awarded a certificate of training for HHA training but it is not good state wide unless an agency is not willing or unable to provide you with their training modules. Does this help?



Thanks for explaining that to me. Now I understand it a lil' better. So CNA's are state certified whereas HHA's are only certified to a specific agency.

Do HHA's usually make more money than CNA's. I know I was told that working schedules for HHA's are more flexible becuz they can make their own hours???


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Beuaty, before you assume anything, that is not the case in NJ. HHA and CNA are comparable, and BOTH require a state certificate, a criminal background check, and passing a so-many hours course of training. Many agencies will train you, and assist you w the certification process, and they do this at no cost to you, but you usualy have to agree to work for them for x number of months/ or one year-ish.

Check with the Florida State Board of Nursing for the real requirements, some agencies, particularly if they are provide Medicaid HHA services, will cut corners. These types of agencies have to be scrutinized carefully as there is a high potential for fraud. If you are involved w fraud in any way, you could be federally prosecuted. So, please check Flordia's requirements!!

HHA cert and CNA cert are NOT interchangeable in NJ either. Some states they may be, but not here.

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FLORIDA: Florida Department of Health, Board of Nursing, 4080 Woodcock Drive, Suite 202, Jacksonville, Florida 32207-2714, PH: (904) 858-6940 FAX: (904) 858-6964

Got this from this site, just in case you aren't in Flordia, which I assumed from your profile/screen name area...


Good Luck

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Under federal and Pennsylvania laws, long-term care nursing facilities are responsible for the full payment of training and testing costs if you are employed or offered employment as a nurse aide at the time a candidate enters a nurse aide training program.

Any aides dealing with patients over age 65 must have state CNA certificate and be on state registry.

Pennsylvania Department of Health

Nurse Aide Registry

For other inquiries, call (717)787-1816



Contact the Pennsylvania Department of Aging to:

obtain information on official regulations and guidelines for nurse aides

Bureau of Community Based Care

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Department of Aging

400 Market Street, 7th Floor

Harrisburg, PA 17101-2301


Contact the Pennsylvania Department of Education to:

obtain information regarding training requirements - obtain a list of approved training programs

to verify test eligibility requirements of student nurses

Bureau of Vocational-Technical Education

Pennsylvania Department of Education

333 Market Street

Harrisburg, PA 17126-0333


Contact the Pennsylvania Department of Health to:

find out if your are currently listed on the Registry

clarify information about the Registry

change your current address or name

obtain information regarding reciprocity

obtain information on continued enrollment on the Registry

Nurse Aide Registry

Division of Long Term Care

Department of Health

P.O. Box 90, Room 528

Harrisburg, PA 17108



Contact the American Red Cross 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. to:

obtain a handbook

obtain an application

register for the examination

cancel a scheduled test session

obtain any information regarding score reports

arrange special testing accommodations

American Red Cross

Competency Evaluation Program

P.O. Box 1564

Harrisburg, PA 17105-1564



Thank you to all who have responded to my question(s).

Yes, I am in Florida. I will contact the State of Florida/Board of Nursing tomorrow to get more indepth clarification.

The agency that I am considering training with is offering an eight day course for HHA certification and after completing the course we will have to contract with them for x amount of months. But they also do referrals to other agencies.

Nonetheless, I will definitely check into that before I assume. :) Once again thank you all for your input and Happy New Year.


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Your welcome. I love to hear about the different regs in each state.


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