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Do HHA's hire LPN's? I would like to get out of the trenches of LTC and do pt care on a 1:1 basis.

Hey nightowl,

I formerly did case management for tech dependent children and the agencies we contracted with tried to hire LPN's for our cases all of the time. We were undersupplied completely. This is what some people call private duty nursing, but involves a shift of 6, 8 or 12 hours on a high tech kiddo, up to and including ventilator dependent children being cared for in the home.

Home care like this has its own challenges. Pay is generally lower, but there are no long halls to run up and down. The patient is sometimes but not always lighter ;-). Many independent decision making opps. The challenges are more individual and long term. You are on the family's turf, not your own. It's a job that takes a lot of heart.

I think also some of my agencies also used LPN's for some skilled visits, too. I wouldn't be afraid to look at what is out there.

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Originally posted by night owl:

Do HHA's hire LPN's? I would like to get out of the trenches of LTC and do pt care on a 1:1 basis.

Night owl, I've been doing high tech peds in the home since 1985 in NY. One on one is great...really get to know your patient. In NY home care pays more than hospitals or nursing homes. I have done some skilled visits too...but LPN's are in big demand for 8 or 12 hour shifts in the home. Insurance companies won't certify cases for RN's unless medically necessary..too expensive. Look aroung your area. Even look on the jobs section of all nurses.com. I think some agencies are posted for PA. Good luck


I am an Lpn and have been working high tech vent dependent peds cases for 9 years now. I love the one on one, I love independent thinking. By the way I work for the home health "Dept." of a local hospital. I make the same wage as in house Lpns with the same exp. as I have, I also have health ins. life ins,dental and optical. I have sick days, paid vaction and holidays. Look around and you can usually find a supportive agencey who will never give you more than you think you can handle

lpnandloveit1: You have optical? WOW I just broke my glasses and need new ones badly! Knocked them right off my kitchen counter...

Well thanks for the replies everyone. I wasn't sure if HHA hired LPN's but I see that they do. Peds and vents I'm not too familiar with, but I could learn fast.

I just get so frustrated that there's not enough time to spend with all of my pt's to give them the care that I would like to. Just seems that there's so much other stuff that you have to do. Yesterday I was told we now have to document on every resident who wears pajamas when he gets OOB in the AM whether he's wearing them by choice or not. Now there's nursing at its best!!! If they don't have clean clothes, what the heck else should he wear??? Do I have to do laundry all night just so I won't have to do all of this nonsensical documenting in the morning? Not! I already stay after at least 45min every day just to get my "real" progress notes,restraint notes documented. Now this... is too much. I think I'll refuse to do this bull. When is it going to end??? I'll tell you, when I get into private duty.

Thank you all for your responses, I really appreciate them. If there are more, please keep them coming. -night owl-

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