HH Nursing vs Private Duty???

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just a question/opinion here. when i check out this hh thread i get confused as to why private duty nurses are posting. this is not a knock on anyone. i have done several long term cases of 3 years each. i loved private duty in the past and may return to it in the future. i just wonder why there's not a private duty thread? is private duty home health nursing? i've worked home heath as well and still do on a prn basis and i'm just not getting any connection between private duty and home health, both are wonderful but, to me, are totally different. anyone else???? should we have a private duty nursing thread?

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Good question, Dutch... let me get with the other staff and check into that. It might fall into "HH" as private duty usually is done in the home, yet it is different, as you say. And perhaps it is simply combined with the HH forum as there wouldn't neccessarily be enough posters for a separate forum of its' own.

Will check on it for ya ! :)

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I was hired by a Home Health Agency to take care of my Private Duty patient. If that helps.


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I was hired by a Home Health Agency to take care of my Private Duty patient. If that helps.

Same for me. I work for a Home Health Agency that staffs private duty and staffing. I care for one pt. but I am paid by the HHA not the family. If this helps.


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I work for VNA. We have different branches. 1. The VNA HH nurses do the visits (often most acute and short term - for a particular purpose...like catheter change, IV administration, wound care, CHF teaching, etc) The HH dept also has therapists, HHA and MSW. These services are covered by Medicare. 2. We have hospice ( self-explanatory). 3. Also, a community health services branch that provided private duty nursing with both LPNs and HHAs. It uses primarily office of aging, medicaid or other funding.

I worked PD as an LPN with a teenage boy who was a quad, diabetic, decubs, etc for 5 1/2 yrs. After getting my RN, I switched sides and now work HH doing visits.

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