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Noooooo! Last year, diet coke kept me going!!!!! :)


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:twocents: 120/126 are taken together in the first semester you will also do clinical as well after all your check offs and such you wil got to clinicals after 8 wks. I forgot to mention that there will be a pharm test too. if you work, don't work too much. The second semester that's when you'll have 150/155 before you go to clinicals you will have check off for 155 clinicals then you'll go to clinicals after about 3 wks this will be 7.5 wks. There will be a 1 wk break then you will go to 150 clinicals you'll be there for 7.5 wks also then you'll be a summer break :wink2::icon_roll. There will be a schedule posted for you. Good luck in the program :wink2:


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