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Hfcc 2018 fall nursing



Hi, I plan on applying for Winter 2019. I'm taking my HESI in January, have you taken yours yet? I'm getting nervous about it

Heyy! Yes I took the HESI earlier this month. I got a 86 on the math, 80 on reading and grammar and 94 on the vocab. I was a nervous WRECK! Do you have the HESI edition 4? that's what I used to study

Yes I do have that book, I've started studying but I just want to make sure I'm focusing on the right things. I'm scheduled to go to the study sessions in the learning lab early next month. Do you mind giving me like an idea of what the questions were like for the sections?

Sure so the math has A LOT of proportions! Get familiar with fractions (there are a lot of multiplying, dividing, adding 3 fraction at a time) I had about 5 or 6 conversion problems. Basically if you can do the math problems in the book you will be fine!

Reading comp is one I studied the least because i'm usually pretty proficient with that but for whatever reason i didn't do as well as i usually do so i would study that section in the book. The test asks you questions like "what does the author mean by...?" or "what is the tone of the writer"... things like that.

Grammar you need to know subject-verb agreement. Its a lot of what word doesn't or does belong in the sentence. The book is pretty thorough with this section. There was a lot I forgot about in grammar.

Vocab was the easiest to me. The questions on the test are almost identical to the book. But if you can get the vocab list from the edition 3 book because some of those words were on the test as well. Google different vocab test just as a way to prepare because there were some words i had no clue what they meant. I hope this kinda helps you.

Yes this helps a lot!! The math and grammar are the ones I'm most worried about. I was scared there were going to be a lot of conversions, but you made me feel a lot better about that. And grammar is just a pain remembering all the rules lol.

Hey, was the calculator available during the entire math test?

I will be applying for fall 2018! I've alreayd finished my pre reqs and passed the HESI! Good luck to all of us!!! As far as I remember there was a calculator during the entire portion of the math exam.

Yes there is a calculator for the math. It also allows you to pick the order of which test you want to take first. SO I took math first (most worried about that), then Vocab,reading and Grammar.

Is everyone thats applying ready? When are you submitting your app? Im going Monday.. SUPER nervous and anxious!


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I submitted yesterday, I only saw maybe five other names on the sign-in sheet so not many people actually came in for the first submission session and I can say that confidently because I didn't come in till about 3:30 and they closed at about 4 so if not many people apply the next date then we might all get in by default

I submitted Monday as well. I got there at about 930ish.. There was a little more than half a sheet of names there. Kinda freaked me out. Also they dont really tell you how many points you have. The person I spoke with said they keep it all internal AND that we'll know by the END of March! Thats more than 4-6 weeks. :-(


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Wow! Then maybe when I saw it was a new page that was started! I pray everyone that applies this semester makes it in and there are just enough students. I was told that happens sometimes! I worked so hard to get things done quickly. I finished my hesi the same day as the application! I really wanted to make the deadline so I hope I make it in this semester! And you do too! I saw an old page that shows how they determined points in the past. But I think its different now because it was outdated. It was still when volunteer hours counted for points. So I'm not sure how they do it now! All as I know is please accept us! Lol. And as for late march replies I hope that is worst case scenario. Because I was told around 4-6 weeks.

Yes! I asked about the points and she said the higher the better. In the past, there was a rubric that gave point values and applicants were calculating the points wrong. So they decided to keep it all internal. That kinda sucks because we have no way of knowing how many points we have. She did say GPA 3.0 or better is favorable. I dont its all very stressful and it will be hard to wait these next 4-6 weeks. GOOD LUCK to you as well. Maybe we'll be classmates :-)

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I hope so! Let me know WHEN you get accpeted. Stay positive!


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Hey! Just received an email from ----------------- stating they extended the fall deadline to may 10th. Those of us that submitted in January though are getting a response by end of March so I guess we are in our own application pool? This may be good news meaning everybody that applied and met the criteria will get accepted? I'm hoping it's good news!

What do you guys think?

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Oh wow! I hope so because I am really stressed! Waiting for Feb to end! LOL! I wonder why they extended it?


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I think because they didn't have enough applicants to fill the spots available. So they allowed more time to fill additional spots.

I got that email as well.. May its like you said. Because I was told they accept 120 per semester.. maybe of the people who submitted In jan there werent enough to fill the 120 slots?? IDK.. i am sooo anxious


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The Nursing department has extended the application deadline for the Fall 2018 start from January 29 to May 10. There will be additional submission sessions held at the nursing building on Thursday, May 10. Please see updated application on the nursing website for details:

Admissions | Nursing

For those students who submitted an application by the January 29 deadline, you will receive an admission decision by the end of March. Those who submit their application in May will be reviewed for any remaining available spots for the Fall 2018 program.

Students who plan to apply for the program in May must have all prerequisites completed, including all 5 prerequisite courses with 2.7 GPA or higher, passing HESI scores, and attendance at a Nursing Information Session.

The Winter 2019 application deadline is still scheduled for June 30, 2018, at the end of the Spring 2018 semester.


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