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Hey you guys!!


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Anybody who comes across any more of those obscene posts of AndrewS would you please notify your moderator.

I have found 8 so far. He's using at least 2 different screen names. I surely don't think this is the image we need to promote is it?


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I just found it in the Off Topic Forum. I reported it too so hopefully we can get rid of this guy! It just sounds way too fishy for me!


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Specializes in Med-Surg Nursing.

Found it again in the Nursing Humor Forum and reported it!


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I mentioned this thread to some nurses at work and they kinda said the same thing, Wildtime. That the patient had probably been making advances to the nurse, with lots of comments and so forth and she finally just let him have it. If anything indeed did happen at all.

There is a frequent poster at another nursing BB who goes by many names (no registration there!). One of them is AndyK. I think AndrewS may be the same person and replying to him only fuels his illness. I say report and ignore!

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