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hey everyone

hey everybody new grad here just started on an oncology floor so im learning the ropes anyway i thought it might be a good idea to start posting and make my face familiar... ive been lurking around some time now just reading... found everyone helpful so far even without posting.

welcome aboard...good luck with new job

Tweety, BSN, RN

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Welcome. Good luck. I hope you continue to share your experiences.

suzy253, RN

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Hi & welcome! Nice to have you with us.

thanks for the quick welcoming comittee, anyone have any suggestions for a new grad in oncology? I'm feeling better evryday but its amazing how much i really don't know, and at times its all overwelming, but im amazed at how much im actually enjoying it, i came from psych as a tech and thought i wanted nothing to do with the medical surgical arena but here i am and its all so interesting, i think more and more i made agreat move going into oncology

Hello and welcome. The Core Curriculum for Oncology Nursing book is a great reference and you will learn lots. It will also help prepare you if you decide to become certified in Oncology (OCN).


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Hello, I'm new to this forum but have been in oncology for most of my career and I enjoy it tremdously. As a member of ONS, please ck out their site. http://www.ons.org. The organization has established a mentorship program for nurses new to oncology.

Good luck in your job.

Welcome. I'm new to this board but have been in oncology for over 12 yrs. I agree with other posts...the Oncology Nursing Society (www.ons.org) is a great resource for info/ education/ resources/ books---everything. You may want to ask other nurses on your unit if they are involved in a local chapter of ONS. They are a great resource to network with nurses, attend lectures/dinner programs, learn, get lots of freebies (books, references), mentors, etc. My chapter for instance holds a dinner meeting each month at various restaurants and we have speakers (docs/researchers/APN) on various topics related to cancer/therapy, etc. They are free to members and I think $5 for non members to attend. They are great resources for info and they are fun evenings. YOu can search ons site for the local chapter or ask around. Best of luck!

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