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Hey, Depaul MENP graduates...

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On 2/3/2016 at 10:02 PM, Bumex said:

Don't do ADN, the push now is to only hire BSN graduates. I rarely find places that hire ADNs in acute care now. In fact, I have plenty of friends that have gone that route, and ended up doing their BSN since they couldn't find jobs.

That is not necessarily the case in all locations. OP, you need to research your area and see what is required/preferred in job postings.

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Hey Bumex,

I am debating between starting DePaul's MENP program this fall or waiting a year and trying to get into UIC's ABSN program. My biggest concern with the DePaul program is that it's so difficult to find data on the benefits of a Generalist Masters in Nursing. Specifically, is there a salary difference that makes the $70,000 in loans worth doing this program? As it doesn't certify you as an NP, Nurse Midwife, ect., I can't grasp what the salary might look like.

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