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Hello Everyone,

I am currently an scheduled to take my Hesi exam on April 7. I am freaking out because I took the teas back in January and failed the Math. I got a 81 in the reading and 69.8 in the math. My school has changed to the Hesi A2 and we have to take all sections except bio and physics. I would just like to hear some of your experiences with the Hesi A2 at GCU. Thank you so much


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I have not taken the TEAS but I took the HESI for Mesa Community College 2.5 years ago so I am assuming the HESI for GCU is the same. It was not bad at all, I promise!! Get a study book for it and study it like crazy! Math has never been my strong point and I got a 96 on that portion. I got a 91 on the English section (cumulative). It really was nothing like how I made it up to be. I stressed for months about it. The vocab section had some off the wall words. You get a calculator for the math portion. Good luck! I bet you will do great! :) Oh and I have a friend who failed the TEAS twice and passed the HESI on her first try!

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thank you!


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You should be good with the Hesi. I took the teas at GCU last year and failed the math portion twice. Gave up and tried the hesi at Rio Salado and I got a 92% on the math. In my opinion the hesi is way easier than the teas. Good Luck!!!!

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Thank you so much, Im taking my test now on 4/7/14. im feeling alot better about it now

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Thanks for all the Help! I am overall happy with my scores. My school doesn't have a minimum score so hopefully this is good enough.

Subject Area HESI Score

(1) Reading Comprehension 86.00%

(2) Meaning-Word Use 89.00%

(3) Conclusions 86.00%

(4) Implications 88.00%

(5) Understanding 82.00%

(6) Grammar 76.00%

(7) Vocabulary & General Knowledge 74.00%

English Language Composite Score 78.67%

(8) Biology 68.00%

(9) Chemistry 60.00%

(10) Anatomy & Physiology 68.00%

Science Composite Score 65.33%

(11) Math 84.00%

Cumulative Score: 73.71%

Learning Style

Personality Style Kinesthetic/Analytical



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I will be taking the Hesi next week for GCU however, I have to take it else where since they're not offering it when I'm flying in. I'm nervous as well!

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I will be taking the Hesi next week for GCU however, I have to take it else where since they're not offering it when I'm flying in. I'm nervous as well!

The Math and all the English sections are very basic. Use the study guide books for those sections. As far as the science I truly have no idea how to tell someone how to study for them... its extremely random. I used my old text books and the test online.

Are you applying to the Tucson campus??

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Are you applying to Tucson?


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Thanks for the advice! No, Phoenix. Are you applying for Tucson?


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Are all your courses completed or some still in progress? I'm in critical thinking and chemistry now and plan on stats over summer... Hopefully that doesn't hurt my score too much!

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I'll be complete May 20. This is my last semester at a community college. I'm so happy to be done!

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