I am taking the HESI next week and was just wondering if anyone could tell me what kind of voab. is it. General or Nursing terms? Is it our everyday vocab or dx and illness? Thank you.

Depending on the version the school purchased, it is general.



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Hello, not trying to discourage you from taking the test whenever you want but if you don't even know what kind of vocab is on the test i think it would be better for you to take at least another week to study for it. If you study from the two links that i am about to give you, you should do well on the vocab. The vocab is one of the hardest parts of the exam in my opinion.

First go to this site and play this game over and over until you get a perfect score. HESI A2 - Vocabulary (Evolve Reach A2 Exam Review, 2nd Ed.) | Word Dynamo

Second go to this pdf and go to the vocab section and learn all of the terms listed. A lot of my terms came from this list of words.


If you do this you should do well on the Vocab section! Good Luck!!



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I feel that the vocab really wasn't all that bad. From everything I've been reading, I thought it would have been much more difficult, but as long as you study the book and make use of quizlet, you should be just fine. I briefly reviewed a few different resources for HESI vocab and scored a 96%

I would say there is a good mix of medical terms and normal vocab.

You'll do fine! You can usually tell which meaning would make the most sense in a given sentence.