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HESI Exit-RN Test

I am about to take the HESI Exit RN exam in a few days. I failed it the first time. I need a score of 900 to pass. I called Evolve and they said to study the remediation packet, and that is the best way to prepare for the second exam. Is it true the content is the same on each time you take the HESI, but just worded into different questions? That is what Evolve told me!

I have have done ALL of the questions on Evolve's Practice Test, and have made a word document filled with my rationales and I am planning on studying those to help me remember all the tid bits I have forgotten. Also, I've done the remediation packet. And now I am going through the HESI book, esp Peds and OB and reading the HESI hints box and doing the questions at the end.

Now, my question is to people who have taken it more than once. Was the content the same ...i.e the topics posted on the remediation packets? And are the questions similar to the practice questions on Evolve?

Also if anyone has version (V-2) or version (V-3), would you be willing to send me your remediation packet that lists all the topics you missed? I would love to study from there!!

All advice will be appreciated! Thanks so much. :)


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I have taken the HESI exit exam 4 times and have not passed yet! I have come within 4 points twice, but can't seem to get over the hump. I know that I know my stuff cuz I have taken the Kaplan diagnostic and made a 70% on it! My DON said that this is above the 65% percentile nationwide and I should not be struggling with the HESI. I have also taken the Kaplan predictive and made a score of 68% (60% is mastery).... I have one final attempt to pass the HESI exit in 2 weeks and don't have a clue where I should be studying. I'm afraid that the more I study, the more confused I will become!

To answer your question, I did not find any of the HESI's to be similar! Each one I have taken has been more focused in one area than others. I remember the first one had numerous maternity/peds and the second one had a ton of pysch. I don't even have a clue what this final one will focus on!

While fresh since I finished my test 4 hours ago and made 900+, here we go : ).

I prepared for this test for about a week, took about 5-6 of the focused practice test online and one comprehensive test(these are essentials if you want to pass), had about 3 hours of sleep, came in and took 3 hours to finish. The case studies on the evolve website helped a ton also. Make sure you do these and do not rush just to get the answer, it doesn't work like that with the case studies. I'm not sure if your school has the evolve tests/case studies online, but this is what got me to pass. I had the HESI book since jr2 and haven't looked at it until the other day honestly. HOWEVER, questions/rationales do come straight off of the prac. test and the book.

So the test is mostly critical thinking and test taking strategies, you know that. It's impossible to study straight material for this test unless you got a ton of time to prepare. BUT, some core content and strategies are etched in stone and should be memorized by now. Knowing these will help you apply to the upper level questions, and not just the basic recall questions that no one likes.

- Know your signs: Homan's, Kernig's, Battle's, moro reflexes, Babinski, etc....

- Know your lab values from the back of the HESI book

- Delegation/Prioritizing: majority of the one I took

- Community nursing: not sure how you would study for this, but it was hit or miss for me on this

- Skim through your major drugs, but don't sit and memorize (26 pharm questions on this last one)

- Test taking strategies that *usually* apply:

- pain never killed anyone

- least invasive first

- don't play into delusions

- Don't delay care

- Etc, etc...

I was just throwing out things that I think are going to be the most useful to focus on while you study. Core content you should brush up on obviously, but I'm not going to sit there and memorize every symptom of placenta previa or memorize Erikson's theory. Focus on what I said above your score WILL IMPROVE. We aren't trying to get all the questions correct, just MORE correct.

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Does anyone have any info on version v-3 exit RN exam. Would just like to get a subject matter to focus on. Need 900 to pass, keep landing in the mid 800's. thanks

Does anyone have any info on version v-3 exit RN exam. Would just like to get a subject matter to focus on. Need 900 to pass, keep landing in the mid 800's. thanks

any help on the 3rd version?

If you need Hesi versions email me. I also need version 7, so I'm hoping someone can help

If you need Hesi versions email me. I also need version 7, so I'm hoping someone can help

Hi, how are you? I already failed once, if you hsve anything that might help me i'd truly appreciate it if you csn help me by sharing it with me. Thanks

That Hesi was a hot mess, I pass to God be the Glory

I would like to encourage all of the Hesi takers, Hesi is strictly a tool that schools use as an indicator of your success on the NCLEX. I completed an entire nursing program, they allowed us 3 times to take this exam, the score that they wanted was a 850... On my last try I made a 837. I was dismissed from the school and had the start all over somewhere else. By the time I was done with that school I was completely drained financially, mentally, and physically. But I didnt give up all thanks to the almighty God and his Son Jesus Christ for giving me the strength to continue. With a lot of hard work and dedication I went to another school completed that program,passed Hesi, and the NCLEX on the first try and now I have my BSN in nursing and I am forever greatful to the most high God for allowing and giving me strength to never give up. Nursing school will either make are brake you and it made me and I am loving the career that I have choosen. Best wishes to each of you.

If anyone has the HESI version exit exam would you please email me. Thanks

Kuriin, BSN, RN

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JeanBuck, they actually dismissed you from the program for failing the HESI? What a shame. Why couldn't they have just put you through remediation and attempted the test the following semester?


So how amd what did you study??

Goodmorning Jen,

my name is Janine and Im almost ready to finish by passing my exit exam. Would you be willing to also help me on the Hesi exit exam? I would appreciate this like crazy, anything I can do or give you back for this information I will do.

i am Desperate...

thank you so much for anything you can give me,


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Hey do you by any chance have OB for Kaplan ?


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