What order should you take the tests during the HESI A2

  1. I've heard you can choose what order you do the HESI A2, english, math, biology.

    What is your advice if youve taken it before.

    I take it wednesday!
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  3. by   KATB
    The A&P section is the shortest with 25 questions, the rest of the sections have 55 questions. I took the A&P first just to get it out of the way. In the math section, I doubled checked my answsers before I submitted it. I say start with the math first.
  4. by   katehensley
    Well for anyone interested this is the order i took my test in along with my grades. I think it worked out pretty well.

    Reading - 98%
    Vocab- 96%
    Grammar - 86% (idk how i messed up on this but there were tricky ?'s)
    Math - 100%
    Biology - 96%
    Chemistry - 96%
    critical thinking and personalilty last. lol
    my cummulative score was a 92.29% I hope it is enough for my school.

    Thanks for your input!
  5. by   Tinman1017
    Those are fantastic scores! Nice job!
  6. by   Melseal
    I liked doing math first. It was really easy and helped get rid of some of the nervousness..
  7. by   Rachelj1222
    How was the vocal section? Were there a lot of words from the study guide? and how was the grammar portion tricky? I'm super nervous!
  8. by   Tinman1017
    The Grammar part was the easiest section for me. It is just like what is in the study guide.

    The vocab was easy. Some of the words are in the study guide, and some are from medical/A&P. Ex: Distal, Posterior, Superficial, Chronic, Acute, Medial, Lateral, and so forth.

    I studied my butt off on quizlett for the vocab. So I was well prepared. You might want to check that out if you havent yet.