Passed HESI A2 - April 5th, 2013

  1. Took the exam today and passed. Hopefully, a few people will find my post helpful. I'm going to try not to repeat what already may have been posted from the few blogs I found prior to my exam.

    I just wanted to emphasize the importance of keeping track of time; make sure, when your doing your practice test to get in the habbit of doing time check every few questions or so. The testing site does not allow anyone entering the exam room if you have anything other than your locker key, your ID, ear plugs, and scratch paper and pens, which they will provide you. You have a very little timer on the upper right that is so easy to forget if you get caught up in the exam.

    Review guides: HESI is fantastic with the edition 3 of the guide; however, they need to proofread their material because I'm pretty sure there are errors in it other than what I have found. If you will be using HESI by elseviere, please note that 1 pound is "not equal" 2.2kgs. It's the other way around, 1 kg = 2.2 lbs. My suggestion is to use elseviere's study guide, McGraw, and mometrix. Practice! practice! practice! The exam is easy, but time and amount of questions is against your side. For people who dread math! DO NOT FEAR! CALCULATOR IS NEAR! Just make sure you understand the problem.

    EXAM SEQUENCE: Finish your strongest subject first to your weakest. When I say strongest, the category that you can complete with the least amount of time and answer most amount of questions correctly. I did Vocab, Grammar, Math and Reading. In the actual test, I got 86 in vocab, 94 in grammar, 100 in math, and 78 in reading. I almost ran out of time in the reading portion of the exam so I had to click anything just so I can get lucky in passing the reading portion of it; although, I was doing 94s in my reading practice.

    I have to go and celebrate for now; hopefully, I maybe able to continue this topic later on. Good luck to you all!
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  3. by   cupcak
    hello i will be taking the rn hesi entrance exam and i wanted to know what would be the best material to study for math and vocabulary.
  4. by   jenniferkampy
    Thank you!!! Your post was helpful! I am taking my exam today so hopefully I do well
  5. by   rmeans
    Have you taken it yet?

    I took mine this week. I used [FONT=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]the HESI A2 by evolve, 2nd edition. The math in this study guide is what you need to study, and youll be okay. I made a 98 on the math section and I am not a math whiz. The vocab is somewhat similar, but you wont know because vocab is such a broad area....some terms are medical related and some arent. Good Luck!
  6. by   alipae
    Did any of you have to take the A&P part? I take the test in 2 days and i feel comfortable with the math (conversions, etc) & the vocab but I'm kind of worried about A&P just because it is such a broad subject and it could ask anything..
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  7. by   hiramughal110
    Hi! I'm taking my HESI A2 exam in about 7 days! Did you take the Biology or Anatomy/Physiology; How was it?
  8. by   tinaaw7
    Took hesi A2 exam in southfield MI but it didnt seem anything like the material that I had been studying. I am so happy that I passed. The math was right on but the vocabulary didnt even seem similar.
  9. by   bridgette88
    hi I can't seem to find the book you recomended or maybe I'm not putting it in right is it in amazon and is this to help for the math section ?
  10. by   changing-careers
    Hey guys, I am preparing for HESI A2 exam as well and I need insight on the anatomy and physiology and critical thinking sections. Any suggestions?
  11. by   thedewey
    The HESI-A2 was prety easy. Just look over a few study guides and you will do great. I had to take it twice because mine expired before I started block three. Both times were cake walks. Go in confident and calm and you will do great.
  12. by   manuela924
    has anyone taken the hesi test recently i was told at st. pauls that they added algebra to the math portion and you have to get a 80 or above in the test just on the math alone
  13. by   Run student
    Thank you. You're post gives me a little bit more confidence in taking the HESI. Grant it, I am still scared to take it ,but this has been helpful thank you.