How I Failed and then finally passed the hesi a2

  1. Hey guys, I wanted to write about my experience with the HESI A2… ok so first I failed it when I first took the exam. I was devastated and couldn’t believe I scored so low. I used the official HESI study guide from Elsevier and it was helpful for the most part but I need more help with the a&p section.
    I used a lot of free online content and found some youtube videos that helped me with the math section. I also used the study guides from HESI A2 Study Guide – Ready For The HESI
    They are kinda expensive but I was willing to do whatever just to make sure I passed this second time around. All the guides are awesome but the anatomy and physiology one is so frickin good like that’s all you need to pass and do well for the a&p section… And I did! I got an overall 86% Finally Jesus! Now the only thing left to do is send in my nursing school applications. I want to go to U T of Houston and eventually become a life flight nurse or work in the ER.
    Ok so here is a breakdown of each subject: (I basically copied it from the ready for the hesi website, but it was on point. It was just like the text and it helped me pinpoint exactly what to study. I bought their study guides so their practice test questions were extremely helpful and similar to that like the HESI.
    Ok so for anatomy you need to study every body system: I made an 86%
    Body Planes
    Nervous System
    Circulatory System
    Heart flow
    Muscular System
    Reproductive System
    Endocrine System
    Glands and Hormones
    Body Senses
    Ear, Nose, Eyes
    Respiratory System
    Skeletal System
    Tendons and Ligaments

    **For biology study these topics: I made an 86%
    Acids and Bases
    Bacterial Infections
    Biology Basics
    Cell Genetics
    Cell Reproduction
    Cellular Membrane
    Cellular Respiration
    Meiosis vs Mitosis
    Metric Measurements
    Aerobes and Anaerobes

    For chem: I made an 80%
    Acids and Bases
    Atomic number, mass, and structure
    Chemical Reactions
    Oxidation and Reduction
    Solutions, solvents, and solutes
    Amino Acids

    Math section: I made a 92%
    Multiplying decimals
    Changing Decimals to Fractions
    Comparing decimals
    Ratios and proportions (number and word problems)
    Changing Fractions to Decimals
    Dividing Fractions
    Multiplying, dividing, adding, subtracting fractions
    Teaspoons to mL
    Tablespoons to mL
    Cups to Ounces
    Solving for X in ratio and proportion
    Using Percent Formula
    Solving equations for a variable

    For reading comp: I made a 96%
    Identifying a Writer’s Purpose and Tone
    Identifying Supporting Details
    Identifying the Main Idea
    Finding the Meaning of Words in Context
    Distinguishing between Fact and Opinion
    Making Logical Inferences

    For grammar: I made a 98%
    Confusing Word Pairs
    Affect vs Effect
    Among vs Between
    Good vs Well
    Bad vs Badly
    Farther vs Further
    Hear vs Here
    Lie vs Lay
    Eight Parts of Speech
    Pronoun Use
    Independent and dependent clauses
    Subject and Verb Agreement

    Vocab I made a 92%... The vocab section is just really tough to describe because you can’t really memorize all the words in the English language, so what I would suggest is looking up practice worksheets on how to find the meaning of words when you don’t know what they mean: context clues. Just practice doing a lot of those and then it shouldn’t matter what vocab word you come across, if you know how to look for context clues, it’ll be easier to figure it out.
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  3. by   rob95
    Thanks!! I am going to take the HESI this fall, at our school it only includes Reading and Math. No science
  4. by   Tyfuturenurse
    This is great!! Thanks
  5. by   orangetoledo
    Thanks ladies. Please let me know if I could be of any other help. @rob95 the reading and math are one of the sections that are so time consuming!
  6. by   erialexa28
    I am so nervous about this exam. I am horrible at math when I feel time looming over me, I basically panic. Were there a lot of percentages and algebra questions? Thanks!
  7. by   readyforthehesi
    Hi @erialexa28 there were very few algebra questions...maybe like 5. I would focus my energy on fractions, ratios, and yes percentages. When is your test date?
  8. by   orangetoledo
    Quote from erialexa28
    I am so nervous about this exam. I am horrible at math when I feel time looming over me, I basically panic. Were there a lot of percentages and algebra questions? Thanks!
    aww dont' be nervous! The fact that you are nervous tells me you know how important it is to study! Yes, there were percentage questions, like turn 66.4% into a decimal (answer is .664). There was very little algebra and I would mostly study on proportions, word ratio and fraction problems. Let me know if you need more advice or send me a private mesage!
  9. by   tayloralexus
    Wow! This post was so helpful. I am so incredibly nervous to take the exam! Would you say the first time you didn't do too well, was because of a lack of studying. I have started studying a few hours a day and plan to take it in october. I hope I am prepared enough!
  10. by   orangetoledo
    Hey @tayloralexus, no problem I am so happy to help. I know it's a stressful time. Honest, I think I failed because I was so much in my head and really nervous. You have to really get a hold of yourself mentally and psychology. I would freak out and think I'm spending too much on one thing or too many details. That was also part of the reason I failed is because I didn't really study right. You have to study the general topics and then going into detail of each human body system. It helps to know exactly what to study. My best advice is to know the fundamentals of each human body system like the bank of your hand, and then if a random (which it will) very, super detailed question comes up, then you can use context clues and your strong knowledge of the basics to make an educated guess.
  11. by   Trace005
    hey do you have the grammar and biology study guides?