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Hello everyone I am new to this site and had a couple of questions. I am in my final semester of nursing school and will be taking the HESI-RN exit exam in a couple of weeks. I am already really... Read More

  1. by   studymom39
    Quote from puglove86
    here's some motivation for ya...i took the hesi exam in january, i think i MAYBE got somewhere in the 600's. Awful, i know. I took NCLEX on 7/12 and passed with 75 questions in about an hour. Goes to show its possible to do poorly on HESI and well on NCLEX (the test that matters)
    That's so interesting! I hear that alot. I sure hope I pass. This website has me a nervous wreck. It seems like extreme cases here - either 75 questions or 265 and failed. Yet, the average tester is 120 questions.

    What advice would you give me then? What did you feel would be the best thing to practice?
  2. by   skittles01
    Has anyone out there ever taken the ATI-RN exit exam. It's a fairly new test from what i have heard. I'm a couple of weeks away from graduation and not looking forward to it. Does anyone have any tips. I think this exit exam worries me more than the NCLEX-RN.
  3. by   RN prn
    definitely get the hesi rn review book. it contains a cd that is very helpful with studying... also read through it. there are hesi hints throughout the book. saunders also helps.
  4. by   skittles01
    Hey guys, has anyone ever taken the ATI-RN exit exam. I'm gonna be graduating in a couple of weeks and a bit nervous bout it. It's a fairly new exam from what i have heard. I think i'm more nervous bout this exit exam than i am the NCLEX-RN. Nah! Who am i kidding i will probably be pulling my hair out with the NCLEX-RN too. Well if anyone has any study tips or expirences would luv if you share.lsebeg:
  5. by   nursesw
    I have the book with CD and want to practise it..but it is asking for id , where do you get the id so I can practise the CD?
  6. by   studymom39
    If I recall correctly, you can just use either your school id or ss#. You get 5 tests per computer or something. I can't remember.
  7. by   katubo
    What is best book to study for NCLEX RN
  8. by   nursesw
    What is the access to get into this site? Not able to log in.
  9. by   WDWpixieRN
    Quote from katubo
    What is best book to study for NCLEX RN
    The hospital where I was hired as a graduate nurse strongly emphasizes Saunders' 4th Edition. Do all the questions in the book and on the disc.

    I also took Kaplan and did their review questions online, but don't know that that was the driving force behind my passing in 75 questions. I honestly don't know that I would spend the money on that review course again. I felt that Saunders pretty closely represented much of the content you will see on NCLEX.

    Don't forget to review the Pharm section that's on the disk also.

    Do LOTS of questions daily; understand, or at least review, the rationales.

    And good luck!!
  10. by   mdjacobsen
    How long does the test last?
  11. by   mdjacobsen
    [quote=WDWpixieRN;3037687]The hospital where I was hired as a graduate nurse strongly emphasizes Saunders' 4th Edition. Do all the questions in the book and on the disc.

    I will buy the saunders book. Thanks for the info
  12. by   mdjacobsen
    is there a practice hesi on the internert?
  13. by   ChocolateChip1908
    I too have to pass the HESI in order to graduate, but my school wants you to get an 87% or >950 to graduate and be able to sit for the NCLEX-RN. This is really unfair, yet the reality of many of us. I have read thru the thread and found a lot of helpful info. I have all of the tools mentioned, but have been unsuccessful 3 times. I have 2 more times to take it before I an given a "Health Science" degree and sent on my merry way. Any additional advise is greatly appreciated & if anyone knows someone in the PA-NJ-DE area who is willing to do one-2-one tutoring please let me know. Like many others, I can can narrow it down to the best 2 answers, but I never get the right one in the end. :imbar