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Hello fellow educators....I am dealing with a dilema which I have no control over as I am a staff member, not administration, but it is just eating away at my concious. My community college uses the... Read More

  1. by   dolsen
    I made a 966 doing practice questions fro Hesi Study.com. It was well worth the money!
  2. by   Struggling nurse
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  4. by   dolsen
    I would suggest study the Hesi Book and Hesi questions. Ask you self these questions with every question. My friend told me this and it worked, she actually score a 98 on her test ( I don't know the actaual hesi number but...this is pretty good).
    1. Can you as a nurse do this?
    2. Least invavsive first.
    3. Remember Maslow.
    4. Is there something you can do before you call the doctor?
    6. Know how to do calculations...they count alot.
    7. Go over delegation questions!
  5. by   alexmarie
    Did you take v3 yet? How did it go? I have taken v3 and have some pointers but was wondering if you would please share some tips for v2. I have to take the exam again and the order is switched. Please let me know !!!
  6. by   tamadrummer
    I used the hesi study book and the Saunders nclex book for every hesi and the exit. I scored a 952/88% on it. The advice given a couple posts up is perfect. Maslow/least invasive/calculations etc are a must. Plenty of delegation q's as well. If your test is like mine, know the anatomy of the eye as well so you don't choose the optic nerve for the fovea like many in my class did. (I work for an eye doc so eyeball anatomy is a daily thing for me).
  7. by   blt995
    Itt tech school of nursing makes you pass the exit hesi or they hold your diploma from you! I will shine the light and i am doing so by turning them into the state board of education. Do No Harm!!! Shame on them, they have turned our lives upside down!
  8. by   Kbartholomay
    They told us this also however, we just found out they changed it and there will be no holding of you diploma because of hesi scores. I am going to the school in Nevada and I just found this out.
  9. by   blt995
    When did you hear this? Itt tech, school of nursing? I wonder if we can transfer our credits to there? What part of nevada? please email me.
  10. by   esporter
    I desperately need tips for V3. I take it on Thursday and it is my last chance to graduate on Saturday.
  11. by   blt995
    As an educator how would you know? Supposidly the educators nor the remediators are allowed to take this exit hesi! It Is NOT at all like the NCLEX! Run far away from these schools using this exit Hesi! In fact many schools have there faculty put FAKE positive posts up, so beware!
  12. by   tamadrummer
    I would question how you can say that the exit hesi is not like the nclex? I have just recently done both and speaking from experience the exit hesi is far more difficult than the nclex. Just the fact that the exit hesi is 180q and the nclex cut off at 75q is a huge variation. The exit hesi had an unbelievable amount of questions from all over the curriculum and the nclex was mostly fundamentals and prioritization.

    As far as the school holding your diploma for not passing exit hesi, Everest university fails you for not passing and you repeat the hesi class in 6 months when the next class graduates. It's not a joke to them. >90% nclex pass rate is important and the don't intend to lose it for anyone. So far 3 of the 12 of us have taken and passed with 75q. Last 3 graduating classes are all at 100%, 100%,and 94% pass rates.
  13. by   1stlonghairedrn
    I wish someone would have told me to run away when I first started with this school because it is a thorn in my side. The hesi is in the way and out of 95 students in my graduating class only 18 passed on the first attempt. Go figure, because nursing instructors have to give you the content that is necessary to start you out with being familiar with basics and it is not enough time to teach you everything it really sucks when you have to be penilized because you don't pass the Hesi. I really think that because of this GOD foresaken test there is a lot of WONDERFUL NURSES that will be discouraged and not want to persue their dreams and it is a sad shame because of it.