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Hello fellow educators....I am dealing with a dilema which I have no control over as I am a staff member, not administration, but it is just eating away at my concious. My community college uses the... Read More

  1. by   crazystudentnurse12
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    hey i need v 6 and 7 i have v 1 and 2. can we swap pls
  2. by   clinicalteach
    I am okay with ATI and HESI as an evaluation for finding out where some of the deficiencies are in a students knowledge so that we as educators can go back and focus on those area. To the poster whose classmate committed suicide, my heart goes out to your entire class. I know that at the for profit school that I just walked out of yesterday they use it as a tool to hold up students from taking the boards. They then hold up students paperwork until they have a good feeling that you may pass the nclex off of this. so a student who might not fare well on a HESI but pass the NCLEX may be made to wait several months before getting their ATT..or at least that they know of. just one of my little issues with that school. If we as educators had worked in conjunction with the motivated students, we shouldn't have the crappy passing rates, but since its a for profit school, we are bullied into passing people that shouldnt, i kicked someone out of my clinicals for unprofessional behavior and he went whining to admin and I almost lost my job . They turn us into eunochs. Sorry, off the topic there for a moment.
  3. by   meljackson
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    Hi I was wondering if u still had version 7 of the HESI. I would really appreciate it.
  4. by   crazystudentnurse12
    hey mel i havent found n e 1 with version 6 or 7 yet. its almost impossible. if any1 is willing 2 swap i have hints on versions 1-5
  5. by   VickyRN
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  6. by   freaking out
    How do you all know which version of HESI your school will give you? I've taken V1 and V2 and was unsuccessful on both. Should I assume I will get V3 next time? How does this work? Anyone??? Please help...thanks.
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  7. by   superjwalker
    Does anyone have any hints and/or suggestions for V6 or V7? I have some some V1-4.
  8. by   superjwalker
    Did you guys ever get V6?
  9. by   txnurstudent08
    looking back now i was worried for nothing.... at least on passing the test. as far as 20 questions...i was tired and stressed when i typed that...it felt like 20 questions or a breeze i guess i should say.
    in response to your post perpetual student.
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  10. by   cksam1210
    Does anyone have any recommendations for guidance for RN HESI V3? I just recently failed V2 and have to do a retake in less than two weeks in order to graduate. We took V1 for our practice exam, and seeing as how we just had v2 this past week, I am assuming the retake will be over v3.
  11. by   maggie1990
    My school did this too, however starting next quarter the HESI doesn't make or break you (you can fail and still graduate). We have 3 comprehensive exams and the HESI and as long as you pass 'professional awareness' you can graduate (at least this is the story thus far-my school is known for changing things). I HATE HESIs-I don't do too well on them. The DON of our school even told us 'there's no real way to study for them'. If that's the case then why should they weigh so heavily? If the HESI is like the NCLEX, I'm in big trouble!! If schools want to give an 'exit exam' they should make it up themselves instead of relying heavily on a nationalized test (which is a problem when they ask the 'role of lpn' questions! some states let you do more than others..why penalize me because in my state, I can do more than just 'provide comfort').
    HESI's stink..bottom line!
  12. by   Reekou
    Hi. I believe this to be an interesting subject. I am currently in a nursing school about to graduate in April. We also have to take the HESI test and pass to walk on graduation day. We do get 2 tries currently to pass. A short time ago, we were informed that people were cheating on the HESI and so our school said they were changing to another test to give instead of HESI. The last two classes to take this test have failed it. Have they made it even harder? I have good grades all the way through my program, I can tell you if I can't pass their exit exam they are not going to like me. Taking these, who knows where they come from or the motivation for them, tests should not be a requirement to graduate from your school. I so wish I would have done more research on the schools available and known about the little things that cause you to have nightmares in school. Anyway, I see nothing wrong with the random tests they give to help and monitor, but they should not be part of the curriculum to graduate.

    Thanks for listening,

    Reekou, a very frustrated student
  13. by   CaptKris
    I'm wrapping up forth term at my school and they started to lay the hesi exit exam mumbo jumbo on us. While it's not required for us to pass it (850 or higher) to graduate, we do have to take it four times if we don't. The catch is they give you your first two shots at it in spring. If you don't get it there, then you get another shot at it at the end of summer term. If after 3 months of being out of school, you still don't get your 850, you can wait till the end of the fall term. At that point if you don't pass, they'll finally submit your name to the state board to take NCLEX. I don't favor my chances of doing well on the state boards after being out of school for 9 months nor do I like those job prospects. Does anyone have any sample questions or study guides? websites or other materials they could pass on to a fellow student in need? If so shoot me a message and I'm sure we can work something out.