1. For those of you who took this test, can you given some advice on how to pass? I'm pretty nervous about the math part. Is it hard? I bought the study guide book. I'm taking the test next month and the only sections I'll be tested on are Math and all of the English parts. Any helpful tips will help a lot. Thank you!
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  3. by   dianah
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    You may get some good information, as well, browsing through the other threads in the forum!
  4. by   G019
    If you are allowed to start with any section, I recommend starting with the math portion just to get it out the way. I took the HESI again a few months back and from what I can remember the mag section was riddled with conversations , conversions, and more conversions. For example, try to understand how to convert kg's to lb's grams to milligrams and so on. Adding,subtracting ,multiplying,and dividing fractions. I felt the math portion was somewhat similar to grade school level math. If you're allowed to use a calculator always check your work before you submit your answer since you can't go back and correct it. If you're not allowed to use a calculator, don't be afraid to recheck your work on the scratch paper you'll be given. As for the English portions, understand basic medical terminology definitions and proper sentencing.
  5. by   Jtingle44
    Thank you G019! Yeah the math is what worries me. I bought the recommended book the HESI admission assessment 4th edition by Elsevier, so hopefully it helps me. Is there medical terminology in the book? Are you taking about the vocabulary words?
  6. by   karmachameleon
    My exam is this month and I'm taking math, reading comp, vocab, and grammar. For the vocab I learned all the words in the Elsevier book, used the McGraw Hill Hesi practice book, bought the pocketprep app because I heard that was super helpful, and I have a quizlet set I am using. For grammar I'm just practicing on the pocketprep app and learning from the grammar section of the Elsevier book. I am not worried about reading comp. I am nervous about the math but I heard it's just important to know your fractions and ratios.
  7. by   Jtingle44
    LawsonP is the pocketprep a pretty good app? Yeah I'm nervous about the math too. I've been trying to study every day. I'm testing on the somethings you are. I bought the hesi a2 book as well and its pretty good at breaking things down. Is the McGraw book good?
  8. by   karmachameleon
    Jtingle44 if you can get the pocketprep app (it's $15) definitely do it! I love doing practice questions on it. I feel like it will help a lot on all the sections. The McGraw Hill book is okay for practice but I can tell it's harder than the actual test is going to be.
  9. by   Jtingle44
    Awesome! Thank you. I will definitely buy it. I want all the practice I can get lol I want to pass the first try. I heard that the exam isn't too bad but still I'm terrible at math. Good luck on your exam! When do you take it?
  10. by   karmachameleon
    The 17th. Time is approaching quickly!!
  11. by   G019
    In the vocab section there are a few basic medical terms. The same ones you seen in the HESI book. The first time I took the HESI I didn't do so well I studied my behind off but failed the math section with a 64%! I was so devastated. I tend to have test anxiety when it comes to these types of exams.

    When I took the HESI for the second time I paced myself, I wasn't going to stress over it. I scored an 87% on the math portion. It wasn't an "A" but It got me into my program so I'm satisfied.

    Review the book and any other additional resources you can get your hands on. YouTube and Quizlet are free! Most of all just relax, and good luck!
  12. by   Jtingle44

    How did your exam go? I am taking mine this month and super nervous but also excited. Let me know I would love to hear! THank you.
  13. by   karmachameleon
    My HESI A2 Experience 2017 I typed this up, I hope it helps! Good luck on your exam
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  14. by   Jtingle44
    Thank you so much! I will definitely read it.